Sunday, April 17, 2011

Listen: Baseball v. Illinois

Listen live as Jeff Turner covers game two of the double header against Illinois at 2:30pm EST.

Questions/Comments about the Spring Game

1. How did Rich Rodriguez completely ignore Tony Anderson for 3 years?
- I don't know what everybody else saw, but I saw somebody who (based on admittedly flimsy evidence) should have at least been given a chance last year.

2. Is the underwhelming performance by Devin Gardner a good thing?
- I don't doubt DG's ability, but one of our monster quarterback recruits watching on TV might...which could be a good thing?

3. Had the spring game referees ever seen Denard Robinson run?
- I know they're trying to protect the quarterback, but some of the times that they blew plays dead I am certain that Denard had at least 5 yards left in him.

4. It's nice to see Mattison mix up packages and move around his best player.
- Mike Martin rushing off the outside like a linebacker and forcing running backs to try to pick him up on their own was refreshing to see.

5. More Mike Cox please.
- Give that MAN the damn ball.

6. No wide receiver deserves the #1 jersey.
- Too many drops yesterday and in years past.

7. It was nice to see the shotgun.
- Yes, Michigan liked to run a lot of sets out of the Power-I on offense, but every once in a while coach Hoke catered to the talents of Denard (such as the first play of the practice) and I appreciated that.

8. Should we be worried about the fact that the first team offense looked pretty lackluster as a unit?
- I don't think so. My mathematical reasoning:
Offense that ranks 9th in yards- Steve Schilling+ new system = Probably still pretty good

9. Was the defense that good, or was the offense that bad?
- There was compromise on behalf of both parties, but I do think that this defense looked worlds better than last year.

10. Is the spring game really an accurate way to determine anything?
- No, but it sure is fun to watch.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NCAA Hockey National Championship Michigan-Minnesota Duluth

Michigan is skating for its 10th national title in program history. The broadcast starts at 6:50 EASTERN time. Adam Brewster and Peter Saul have the call.

(Broadcasting live at )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Michigan-North Dakota in The Frozen Four

Listen live to Adam Brewster and Peter Saul from the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Michigan takes on North Dakota at 8:20 Eastern.

Michigan-North Dakota in the Frozen Four. Broadcast starts 8:20 Eastern. (Broadcasting live at )