Saturday, November 28, 2009

Listen: College Hockey Showcase - Michigan Hockey vs. Wisconsin

Tune-in to WCBN Sports tonight as the unranked Michigan Wolverines look to continue the momentum from their 6-0 victory over Minnesota in game 2 of the College Hockey Showcase against the 16th-ranked Wisconsin Badgers, fresh off their own whooping of Sparty, 7-3.

Game: #16 Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines
Time: 7:35 P.M.
Venue: Yost Ice Arena (Ann Arbor, MI)
Broadcast Link: YouCastr

Monday, November 23, 2009

Michigan Hockey Loses Two

On a day that should have been a joyous occasion for Michigan hockey fans (National Letters of Intent were delivered to Ann Arbor today), the ice is running red with the blood of attrition. It is confirmed that Sophomore Forward Robbie Czarnik has left the team to play for the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League. No word on why Czarnik, who had 3 goals and 3 assists so far this season, decided to bolt.

Even more upsetting is the news that Jack Campbell, the #1 North American goaltending prospect will sign with the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League and will not honor his commitment to the University of Michigan. No official word has been passed on this matter, but Campbell did not sign a letter of intent and indications are that this was because he will sign with Windsor. Official updates to come.

UPDATE II: I talked to Jack Campbell and he had this to say. "I never intended to do this but after a lot of thought I changed my mind permanently. Sorry! I appreciate the support you gave me. I'm gonna miss the fans that's for sure."

Major blow to the 2010 recruiting class, which still stands as one of Michigan's strongest in some time.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Interview with Kenny Wilkins

Maize and Blog is once again delighted to bring you an interview with a class of 2010 football recruit, this time with Kenny Wilkins, a 4* defensive end from Trinity HS in Washington, Pennsylvania. Trinity has also produced players like OSU's Andrew Sweat, and Kenny has been described by his coach as an even better physical prospect. Kenny talked to Maize and Blog Special Recruiting Contributor and correspondent Lauren Winfrey about the OSU game, why he chose Michigan, and what he expects to play for the Wolverines.

Lauren: Did you attend the Ohio State game Saturday? How do you feel about the loss? Did you think we were going to win?

Kenny: Yes I was at the game, and I feel like it was the best we’ve played all year. We made some mistakes on offense, but of course I thought we had a really good chance of winning. I feel like you can never doubt a team’s abilities. There’s always a chance you can win a game. Plus it was their senior show so spirits were high, I honestly thought we had a chance.

L: How did your season go on a personal note? What areas of your game did you improve upon and which areas do you see yourself needing to improve in the future?

K: Our record this season was 6/5. We made the play offs, but we lost in the first round. I was really sick so I wasn’t able to finish out the season, or play in the playoff game. On a personal note I had a disappointing season. We expected more of ourselves. We expected to win more games, but I did have fun playing my last year of high school football. [As far as improvements go] I know I have to get bigger, faster, and stronger. I need to improve on all levels to compete with the best players in college football.

L: Are you planning on enrolling early?

K: Actually I can’t [enroll early] because I have to take another math class so I’ll just be coming to campus in June, but I’m definitely excited to come.

L: What made you choose Michigan, especially after the struggles of last year?

K: Going to Michigan has been kind of a dream for me. I’ve wanted to play there since I was six. The coaches are really nice too, and the program’s just a good program overall.

L: You're a pretty versatile defensive player. Where have the Michigan coaches talked to you about playing? Do you think you’ll be stepping in right away and contributing as a freshman?

K: The coaches told me that most likely I’ll be playing defensive end. I played liner backer and defensive in high school. I’m unsure about redshirting. The coaches told me to be ready to play because there is space for me to play if I show them that I’m good enough. I guess it all depends on how well I do this summer and at camp.

L: Do Michigan's struggles this year have any impact on your recruitment? What kind of season are you hoping for next year?

K: Michigan’s struggles haven’t had a negative impact on my recruiting because I’ve always wanted to go there. I think kids go where they feel comfortable. I think it has little to do with how well the team is doing, especially if it’s a school with an established program. I think next year will be great. Each year coach Rod keeps improving, and it takes time to take a team to the next level like he’s trying to do.

L: Are there any other recruits that you talk to that Michigan is trying to secure a commitment from? How much of a recruiting role do you personally play?

K: I’ve talked to kids like Cullen Christian. I think me talking to him kinda helps because it’s always good to look at things from another person’s perspective.

L: For Michigan fans concerned about the defensive recruiting this year i.e. fewer high rated players than usual, what do you think of the recruiting services? Do you think too much attention is paid to the star rankings in general?

K: I don’t really worry about rankings. For some kids it is a big deal to be ranked highly, but not for me because I know what I can do and I know no matter what I do I’m gonna work hard.

Struggling Rookies

At the end of September, freshman quarterback Tate Forcier had led the Michigan Wolverines to a 4-0 record with a win over the rival Irish from Notre Dame and had provided Rich Rodriguez with more wins in four weeks than the Michigan head coach had secured in all of 2008.

Meanwhile, Mark Sanchez was the golden boy of the NFL--the heir apparent to Joe Namath and the next great, young quarterback following in the footsteps of Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, and Matt Ryan, all of whom were wildly successful at a young age in professional football. Sanchez had led New York's other team to a 3-0 start with wins over the hated New England Patriots and last year's winningest team in the regular season, the Tennessee Titans.

This weekend, Tate Forcier and Mark Sanchez combined for two fumbles, two touchdowns allowed, and eight interceptions in losses against their respective teams' most bitter rivals. Michigan is 5-7 and will not qualify for a Bowl game for the second consecutive year while the Jets fell to 4-6, three games out of the division lead and an afterthought in the Wild Card standings. While Michigan's one win since their hot start came against Delaware State, the Jets haven't been much more impressive--they are 1-6 since their 3-0 start with their win coming against the lowly Oakland Raiders.

In short, it's not a good time to be a Michigan fan from the Mets/Jets side of New York. Hell, even the Yankees have more wins in November than the Jets and Wolverines combined. And now the Lions do too. Ouch. For these fans, sanity is the goal and patience is a necessary virtue.
The young quarterbacks who showed promise on the field, moxy with the media, and charisma to the fan base have disappointed. Deal with it. These are first-year quarterbacks. Where would the Cowboys of the '90s or the Colts of today be if they had discarded the struggling Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning? Expectations were low to begin with, and everyone got spoiled after a few improbable wins. It's time to move on from 2009 and understand that this was, simply put, a training exercise.

Michigan will play in a bowl game before Tate Forcier can grow facial hair. Mark Sanchez will lead the Jets to the playoffs before Rex Ryan cries his way out of town. It's frustrating--for now--but these quarterbacks will benefit from this year of triumph and tribulations.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Listen: "The Game"

WCBN Sports will be on hand for the 106th edition of the biggest rivalry in sports, as the Michigan Wolverines (5-6) hope to salvage a season and secure a bowl bid against the #10 Ohio State Buckeyes.

Game: Ohio State @ Michigan
Time: 12:00 P.M.
Venue: Michigan Stadium (Ann Arbor, MI)
Line: Ohio State -12.5
Broadcast Link: YouCastr

Friday, November 20, 2009

Game of the Week Tonight

Listen to WCBN-FM Ann Arbor at 88.3 FM from 7-10 P.M. tonight for a preview of UM-OSU, live coverage of Michigan Volleyball (also on, and the broadcast of Michigan Hockey vs. Bowling Green (also on

Here's to this weekend, because it can't get any worse than it was two weeks ago...right?


Is this what that whole Les Miles deal was about?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slightly Different Times...

The only real difference between the current Michigan secondary and the 1997 Michigan secondary is that Charles Woodson could catch passes, run punts back for touchdowns, intercept passes, and win the Heisman. Aside from that, everything is the same.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

40 Years Ago...

Everyone at Michigan Stadium counted down the final 10 seconds of the greatest upset of the greatest rivalry in sports. 2009 offers a chance for Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines to pull off a similar feat against the heavily favored Buckeyes. Here's your first in a series of videos to pump up Ann Arbor for Saturday's showdown with that team down south.

Michigan Volleyball vs. Sparty LIVE

Tune in NOW on to hear Michigan and Little Brother do battle from Cliff Keen. The teams are currently tied at one set a piece, with Michigan ahead by two points in the third set.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Basketball and Volleyball Broadcasts LIVE Tonight

We are Live at Crisler Arena for the Michigan Men's Basketball Team Regular Season Opener vs. Northern Michigan. You can hear our call LIVE here through

Also, if you would like to listen to Michigan Volleyball take on Indiana go to and listen live as we have some WCBN crew on hand as usual for the call. Andrew Goddeeris will lead the call there.

Hopefully some Michigan team can win tonight. I agree with Andrew...Ohio State week started when the third quarter ended today.

Go Blue!

OSU Week Starts Now.


Rushi and Jeremy (and Brandon Graham) deserve to go out with a bang. A season saving win over Ohio State and a trip to the Little Caesar's Pizza Pizza Bowl would be pretty fantastic. A visual guide to the preferred outcome next Saturday lies below.

More of this:

And maybe even some of this:

This thing will take time, but how about a win Saturday?


Friday, November 13, 2009

Game of the Week Tonight 7-10 PM

Be sure to tune into Game of the Week live on 88.3 FM Ann Arbor or online here.

We will have the Volleyball game at 7 pm vs. Purdue. We will take that up until the puck drops at 7:35 pm but you can here the entire broadcast on

Then Hockey vs. rival Michigan State at 7:35 pm Live from Yost. We will have that broadcast until the show ends at 10 pm. We will be broadcasting through

Another packed night on WCBN.

Go Blue!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Rich Rodriguez Debate

What do you, as a fan, expect from Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines in the final two weeks of the season? Is playing a close game with Ohio St. enough for you to feel comfortable with missing a Bowl game for the second consecutive year? Does Michigan have to win one of their final two games for you to consider the 2009 year a success? If you've given up on 2009, what are your expectations for 2010 and what do you feel are the proper repercussions for not meeting those expectations?

WCBNers, feel free to edit this post with your own comments below. Fans, feel free to comment with your thoughts.

Jeremy: I expect Michigan to lose their final two games, but showing heart against Ohio St. would be an impressive way to salvage a disappointing season and head into 2010 with some momentum. Do I think Rich Rodriguez should be fired following a 5-7 season? I'm indifferent. I have no doubt that Rich Rodriguez is the best coach for the 2010 team, so a large part of me wants to see what he'll do with the roster that he has crafted and the system that he has put in place. At the same time, I have zero faith that Rich Rodriguez will meet out expectations of building a championship program (needless to say, Michigan MUST compete for a Big Ten title next year and, at the very least, MUST be playing on January 1st, 2011). And why should I? After Michigan beat Florida in the Capital One Bowl with Rich Rodriguez on the sidelines, the 2008 team was supposed to be led by Ryan Mallett, Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, Justin Boren, etc. They all left. Rodriguez struck out on Pryor, and was too stubborn to fit the system around his quarterback(s). The team, as it was constituted in week one of 2008, was supposed to be a six-win team (although many at WCBN predicted that the team would win seven or eight games). Michigan lost to Toledo (3-9), Purdue (4-8), and Northwestern (at home) and finished the season 3-9. This year, Michigan was supposed to take a step forward, certainly play in a bowl game, and compete with the middle of the Big Ten. Michigan has one Big Ten win and is in danger of missing a Bowl game for the second consecutive year. Rich Rodriguez has yet to prove to me that he can meet expectations--let alone exceed them. So fire him, keep him, whatever. Just please tell me that this school has a contingency plan when it's time to begin competing for a national championship again.

Goddeeris: First of all, I'm really looking forward to beating Ohio State this year. It's going to happen. I can feel it. It'll be a great way to get bowl eligible and I will proudly hang the picture of Brandon Graham crying tears of joy on my bedroom wall.

This has been argued at WCBN before, but I don't think Rodriguez can be blamed for players like Mallett and Manningham (and certainly not Boren, whose father was upset his younger brother Zach wasn't offered and pulled Justin from Michigan) leaving. Mallett saw an opportunity to play for his dream school, Arkansas, after Mustain transferred. Players leave during coaching changes, that's just how it is. Yes, he's been stubborn with his offense and play calling, but he's building a system and a program from (yes) a bare cupboard (especially on defense) and as painful as these last two seasons have been, I still have faith in Coach Rodriguez to right the ship and take Michigan back to the top.

Rich Rodriguez simply cannot be fired after this season. There is supposedly no greater mind behind the spread offense than Rodriguez, and bringing in a different spread coach makes no sense to me. If Michigan wanted to bring in a coach who ran more of a pro-style offense, I see us running into a problem with our lack of dominant outside WR, tiny O-linemen, and other personnel recruited to play Rodriguez's offense. That said, Rodriguez needs to put together a Big Ten Championship caliber season next year, and be contending for a national championship in year four. My health demands it. Go Blue!

Brian over at MGoBlog joined the debate today, coincidentally. Link lives here:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Game of the Week Tonight 7-10 PM

Busy awesome night on tap for you tonight on 88.3 WCBN FM if you tune in from 7-10 pm.

Bill Rothwell will be leading the crew in the studio and for the first half hour you can hear as the Michigan Men's Basketball team tips off their 2009-2010 campaign in the exhibition opener vs. DII Wayne State. We will play the first half hour of the basketball game, before sending it to Yost. You can listen to the entire basketball broadcast LIVE through here.

But Yost is where the most important action will take place tonight as the #4 Wolverines take on the #1 Miami Redhawks. The puck drops at 7:35 PM and we will broadcast the game LIVE over 88.3 WCBN until our show ends at 10 PM. If the game goes longer than our show, you can listen to the conclusion of the game LIVE through

Bill will have the intermission reports from the studio along with whoever joins him there.

Action packed night on WCBN.


Go Blue!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Sports Half-Week Ahead

Baseball? Check. Football? Of course. Basketball and Hockey? You know it. The four major sports in America are all on display this weekend, and WCBN will be tracking it all. We'll have the DSR on Thursday to recap Game Six of the World Series, Game of the Week on Friday will feature Michigan basketball's exhibition opener against Wayne State, Michigan hockey's showdown with #1 Miami, and our picks of the week (if you feel really smart, check some sports betting weekly info). On Saturday, Michigan hopes to secure a bowl bid at noon against Purdue before Michigan hockey completes their home series with Miami on Saturday night. All of the broadcast links can be found on the right --->>

Professional Games to Watch


World Series Game Six: Andy Pettitte takes the hill for the Yankees against Pedro Martinez at the new Yankees Stadium, as the Bronx Bombers hope to complete their 27th World Series Championship. Joe Girardi is receiving heat from the New York press for his decision to start A.J. Burnett and Andy Pettitte on three-days rest after Burnett got rocked for six runs while recording six outs in Game Five. Chase Utley continued his record-setting World Series with two more home runs last night, giving him five in the World Series to tie Reggie Jackson's World Series record.

...let's be clear - girardi made the right decision by starting burnett and pettitte on three-days rest, regardless of the fact that the yankees held a three-to-one world series advantage. does anyone seriously think that starting chad gaudin on a month's rest would have been a better choice than burnett or pettitte on short rest? you start the pitchers that give you the best chance to win, and taking a world start away from andy pettitte in the bronx would have been insane. pedro was very good in game two, but facing the same team twice in a week does not bode well for the now-soft-tossing pitcher. pedro is resourceful and will figure out ways to get outs, but the phillies will need to score runs to force a game seven...

Hockey Games

Washington @ New Jersey (Wednesday 7 P.M.)

...lets see the caps without alex ovechkin...

San Jose @ Detroit (Thursday 7:30 P.M.)

...i still can't figure out these two teams. the wings obviously are feeling the losses of hossa and franzen, but san jose has been inconsistent. the joe might give the wings the lift they need...

St. Louis @ Philadelphia (Saturday 7:00 P.M.)

...the up-start blues take on an inconsistent philly team in a town either hung over from a world series win or desperate for some good news...

New York Rangers @ Calgary (Saturday 10:00 P.M.)

...the rangers complete a three-game road trip in western canada against a tough flames team, as sean avery shares a sheet of ice with dion phaneuf. this should be a fun one...

Baltimore -3 at Cincinnati (1:00 P.M.)

...i'm still not sold on cincinnati, but carson palmer is back and the defense is much-improved. i'd err towards baltimore in an afc-north game that may eventually decide an afc wild-card berth with the steelers atop the division in the end...

Arizona at Chicago -3 (1:00 P.M.)

...these two teams are still trying to identify themselves, but i just don't like chicago. jay cutler needs weapons, and matt forte looks nothing like he did last year in his rookie season. the defending nfc-champions have been playing good football recently, and soldier field is not quite cold enough to cool off kurt warner and larry fitzgerald...

Miami at New England -10.5 (1:00 P.M.) got out-played in every facet of the game with the exception of special teams, and ted ginn's two 100+ yard kick returns for touchdowns resulted in the dolphins' second win this season against the jets. new england has looked like the 2007 patriots of late, but 10.5 points is a lot in a game that will feature a ton of running from ronnie brown and ricky williams...

San Diego at New York (NFC) -5 (4:15 P.M.)

...the giants are reeling after a bad loss in philly before the yankees gave new yorkers some redemption with a sunday night victory. san diego is an explosive offensive team, but they've struggled at times this season. look for this game to go back and forth, and expect the team with the ball last to win a wild one at the meadowlands...

Dallas at Philadelphia -3 (8:20 P.M.)

...i love philly in this game. dallas is overrated after a couple of good wins and philadelphia is hitting their stride with desean jackson and jeremy maclin emerging as two of the best young wide receivers in the nfl. tony romo is mistake-prone, and philadelphia loves to capitalize on that type of quarterback, as they did against eli manning last week...

Pittsburgh -3 at Denver (Monday Night Football)

...denver lost their first game of the season last week as the ravens took it to the broncos in a resounding 30-7 win. meanwhile, pittsburgh appears poised to repeat despite a lackluster start to the season defensively. this should be a close, defensive struggle, but the home dog is a sucker pick on monday night. roll with big ben...