Saturday, October 20, 2007

Michigan 17 Illinois 17 going into the fourth quarter

From Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois:

Michigan and Illinois are all knotted up at 17 as we go into the fourth quarter. Henne has been in and out of the game with injuries but has been effective while playing, going 11-16 for 159 yards thus far. Carlos Brown has stepped up in the running back position with 97 yards on 20 carries. Michigan has been its own worst enemy, committing three turnovers while not taking away any from the Illini. The same can be said for Illinois who have been flagged for three personal foul penalties in key situations. One roughing the punter, one late hit out of bounds, and one 15-yard face mask that all kept Michigan drives alive.

Andrew and I are headed down to the field, so hopefully the Wolverines can pull this one out!

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