Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Michigan Basketball Student Ticket Prices Set

Freshman at the University of Michigan will have the opportunity to receive free season tickets to Men's Basketball Games this Winter. These free seats will be located behind the basket next to where the band currently sits. Season tickets for the bleacher seats behind the benches will be sold for $99.

This is a much needed change as previous season tickets were being sold for over $200 which turned away just about all casual fans (that and the team's abysmal performances).

Fans better line up now to get their tickets if they want to see a sub-10 win basketball team. My advice? Go check out the Women's Basketball team where the tickets have always been free for students and you might actually get to see a NCAA tournament team in action (besides for our opponents, that is)

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Matt Boyer said...

Stu, you are killing me! Aside from the chance of another Borseth rant, the women will be worse than the men (and much less interesting). I expect the men to win 18 and the ladies to get 14 wins.

No disrespect to the women... the type of game they play does not lend itself to entertaining basketball. The WNBA's finacial woes should illustrate this point perfectly.