Monday, December 8, 2008

College Basketball Scores

Quick break from studying... 2 interesting scores from tonight.

(1) Georgetown 100-Savannah State 38.  Whoa.  Man, thank god Michigan won that game.

(2) Eastern Michigan 67-Wayne State 47.  Win #2 for EMU on the year.  Brandon Bowdry had 19 points and 7 rebounds.  I don't see win #3 coming Saturday at Crisler.

*** Thoughts on Michigan not being ranked: What's the big deal? Only 2 teams from 20-25 in the polls lost this past week. Even if polls mattered (which they don't), 64 teams make the tourney, not 25 right?  Unlike college football, where the polls make up two-thirds of the BCS, the college basketball polls (AP and Coaches) have no bearing... I repeat ZERO INFLUENCE on the NCAA tournament selections. The only ranking that matters is RPI, where Michigan is currently 15th.  Also, Michigan has a SOS of 5.  Warren Nolan explains well.  Finally, how is Evansville's RPI #4, with the #1 SOS?  They are 3-1 vs. division one teams and have played Austin Peay, Buffalo, Ball State and Butler.  Huh?

UPDATE: Michigan's RPI is now #13 and SOS is #3 (as of 12/11)

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