Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Reasons Not to Panic About Losing Troy Woolfolk

Troy Woolfolk's injury has taken the wind out of the sails of the Wolverine faithful. Losing the most experienced player in an already jumbled secondary is never a good thing, but maybe it's not as bad as we think, and here's five reasons why:

1. He has 3 career pass break-ups.
Morgan Trent- that no talent fool that you hated for 4 years- had 14 after his junior year.

2. He has 0 career interceptions at the University of Michigan.
That's as many as his replacement has, except his replacement hasn't played secondary in 21 games as a Wolverine.

3. He has 1 more career tackle than Jordan Kovacs.
It's true. He has one more tackle (40 vs. 39) over the course of 3 years than that speed-deficient walk-on who only saw real action in about 8 career games last year.

4. He has never forced or recovered a fumble.
That's right, if you're doing the math at home: 0 INTS + 0 FR= 0 Turnovers... pretty bad, huh?

5. His name is Troy...not Butch.
Butch Woolfolk, Troy's dad, was a running back. Butch Woolfolk ran for 3, 998 career yards as a Wolverine and had 3 1000+ yard seasons. Butch was a Michigan great.
Troy plays in the secondary. His numbers indicate that he is very average, and will likely not be remembered in Wolverine history.

Is this team better without Troy Woolfolk's leadership? Abosolutely not...but hopefully what's above convinces you that the Michigan defense is far from destroyed. There's no reason to panic...yet.

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Andy said...

So what you're telling me is that I should have been panicking ALL ALONG??! Great Bill, just great.