Monday, September 27, 2010

What Must Be Done if Denard Robinson is to Win Heisman Trophy

So maybe Ryan Mallett's three interceptions against the best team in college football didn't completely take him out of the Heisman race, but it did cripple his chances. With Mallett's stock wounded, all eyes are on Michigan QB Denard Robinson to take the lead in the competition for college football's most coveted individual prize. As of today, in my opinion, there are two legitimate candidates significantly leading the race for the Heisman- Our beloved Denard Robinson, who has looked like Superman in a winged helmet, and that goon down in Columbus who is not respected enough to be named by the Michigan student who authors this article. If Denard is going to win one for the good guys, there are a few criteria that must be met:

1. Denard must play in all 12 games this year.
This, admittedly, is easier said than done. The Bowling Green knee scare, though nerve-wrecking for the Wolverine faithful, was not detrimental to Denard's Heisman candidacy, but it certainly didn't help. In order to keep up his ridiculous stat line, Denard needs to play... it's that simple.

2. Michigan must win 9 games this year.
We need look no further than the last three Heisman winners to see that the Heisman trophy recepient usually plays on a highly respected team- Ingram's team won it all, Bradford's team finished runner-up, and Tebow's team had 3 losses going into the postseason (remember the capital one bowl?). Though Denard may be the best player is college football, if his team doesn't win, then he may not get the respect he deserves come Heisman voting time.

3. Denard must run for 100+ yards nearly every game.
Yes, he's a quarterback, but what makes Denard Robinson unique is his ability to create on the ground. Mark Ingram won the Heisman trophy with 1658 yds rushing last year and he was a running back. If Denard, who's on pace to get 1500+ yds on the ground, can come anywhere near Ingram's mark he should be on easy street. Remember, Ingram didn't have 2000 yds passing, which is a very feasible passing mark for Robinson in 2010.

4. Denard must show up to play in Columbus.
Think of the defining moments in the Heisman-winning seasons of previous Wolverines. These moments- Desmond Howard striking a pose after a punt return for a touchdown and Charles Woodson returning a punt for a touchdown- occurred against Ohio State. There's no better way to end a year than by embarrassing a rival on the road in the last game of the regular season. This is especially true this year, when Denard's greatest Heisman competition may be the man running the offense opposing the Wolverines.

Whether Denard Robinson fulfills these criteria in 2010 still remains to be seen. With 8 games left to play in the regular season, the Wolverine faithful hopes that whatever Shoelace is doing, he can keep it up.

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Denard will have to put a big win on his resume to win the Heisman. If he continues to rack up big running and passing totals, but loses to OSU or other top Big 10 teams he wont win. Ryan Mallett had his shot last week, and regardless of what he does the rest of the year he can no longer win it.