Tuesday, March 8, 2011

@WCBNSports on Twitter

Greetings from The Netherlands! I thought I'd pop in to update everyone on the WCBN Sports presence on Twitter. The official Twitter account of the station is @WCBNSports, but we also have plenty of personalities with their own accounts. The full roster:

Sports Director Andrew Goddeeris: @amgodd
Adam Wilensky: @AWilensky24
Jack Warner: @jpwarner
Matt Bernstein: @mbern24
Adam Brewster: @adam_brew
Steve Petras: @spetras
Kevin Carpenter: @kevcarpenter
Tim Rohan: @TimRohan
Everett Cook: @everettcook
Jordan Rochelson: @jrochelson
Steve Cook: @CookSW
Steve Davenport: @StebertD

Follow everybody!