Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WCBN Top 25

It's that time again, as we look at how a bunch of college students with access to the radio and press boxes view the world of college football. So without anymore hesitation, this week's top 25 (with first place votes in parentheses):
  1. LSU (7)
  2. Oregon (3)
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Kansas
  5. Missouri
  6. West Virginia
  7. Ohio State
  8. Georgia
  9. Arizona State
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. USC
  12. Florida
  13. Texas
  14. Virginia
  15. Hawai'i
  16. Clemson
  17. Boise State
  18. Michigan
  19. Boston College
  20. Cincinnati
  21. Illinois
  22. Tennessee
  23. Kentucky
  24. Wisconsin
  25. Auburn
Others Receiving Votes: Navy, Penn State, South Florida, UConn, Air Force, BYU

Notes: For the first time in the short history of our poll, it was a pretty much consensus view on who deserved in the top 25, as there was only 6 other teams to receive votes.

Now we get ready for The Game this Saturday, and if you just can't get enough of the talking heads for this game, WCBN will have 3 hours dedicated to the game this Friday night from 7-10 PM, on wcbn.org or 88.3 FM if you are in Ann Arbor.

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