Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-Rod Injected by his Cousin

Let the search begin...

By the way, I learned today that Alex Rodriguez was "stupid," "naive," "irresponsible," "young," "24," and "a kid." This is all breaking news.

In all seriousness, how does a world-class athlete inject himself over 70 times (approximately twice a month for three years) with a performance enhancing drug and get to blame it on youth, stupidity, and naivety?

Does he really expect us to believe that the best baseball player in the world was willing to inject a drug into his body without determining what he was putting into his body?

And if he really didn't know what he was doing and he really didn't see a noticeable difference in his performance and energy, why did he do it twice a month for three years?

Most importantly, if he didn't know that what he was doing was wrong, why did he go about it in a covert manner? Why not ask around about this drug? Why use this "cousin" and not a doctor?

Sorry Alex, but this story did not die today... it has just begun.

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