Friday, August 22, 2008

Stanton Out..... Henson In?!?

Former Michigan QB Drew Henson was signed today by the Detroit Lions to replace injured backup (and former MSU Spartan) Drew Stanton. Stanton sprained ligaments in the thumb on his throwing hand when he hit his hand on the shoulder of a O-Linemen during Thursday's practice. Coach Rod Marinelli addressed the media this morning about the issue, saying that the team "planned on working out a few quaterbacks this afternoon" but were not set on signing any specific player. Team doctors said that Stanton would be out for 4 weeks with a cast, but would be re-evaluated at 2 weeks. This is Henson's first NFL gig since getting cut by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007.

As for Wolverine fans in the Detroit area: Don't get to attached to the idea of Henson wearing the Honolulu Blue and Silver for the long haul. The only reason Henson was signed was to prevent having to send starting QB Jon Kitna back into the game if backup Dan Orlovsky were to get hurt during the pre-season.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Lions decided to save the paper and not give Henson a playbook, telling him instead, "It's fine!!! You just go have fun out there, OK?" if he were, in fact, able to get into the game.

Henson probably won't see the field, will most likely be cut after Stanton returns, and will only be a painful reminder to Detroit-area Michigan fans of what could have been had Henson stayed in school.

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