Friday, August 1, 2008

USA Today Coaches Poll Released

#1 Georgia (22)
#2 USC (14)
#3 Ohio State (14)
#4 Oklahoma (3)
#5 Florida (5)
#6 LSU (3)
#7 Missouri
#8 West Virginia
#9 Clemson
#10 Texas
#11 Auburn
#12 Wisconsin
#13 Kansas
#14 Texas Tech
#15 Virginia Tech
#16 Arizona State
#17 BYU
#18 Tennessee
#19 Illinois
#20 Oregon
#21 South Florida
#22 Penn State
#23 Wake Forest
#24 Michigan
#25 Fresno State
#28 Utah

While you can certainly debate the preseason coaches poll, considering most coaches have their SID's fill out the polls for them, here are my thoughts on what to take away from this first poll.
-The Big 10, SEC, and Big 12 each had 5 teams ranked in the top 25. The Big 10 will have a hard time finishing the year with more than 3 teams in the Top 25.
-How is Michigan ranked? New coach, new offense, new QB, no Mike Hart, no Jake Long, tough schedule... I don't see it. 
-#1 Georgia is a bit over-rated. Add to that a brutal schedule: @Arizona State, @South Carolina, Florida, LSU, etc. and its hard to imagine the Dawgs finishing in the Top 10.
-How big is that USC-Ohio State game? The winner can probably afford one loss and still make the BCS Championship Game.
-Teams ranked too high in the polls: #1 Georgia, #6 LSU, #9 Clemson, #13 Kansas, #24 Michigan
-Teams ranked too low in the polls: #3 Ohio State, #5 Florida, #16 Arizona State, #17 BYU, #22 Penn State
***FUTURE PROGRAMMING NOTE: I have put in the request for media passes to all home and away Michigan football games. The lone response thus far has been from Notre Dame. All Michigan football games next year (assuming we receive passes, which I expect) can be heard live on the WCBN Sports Stream.


Anonymous said...

imo, you shouldn't preseason rank a team based on their schedule, I believe it's supposed to be how good they are and nothing pisses me off more than putting a team higher up because they don't play anyone good.
Also, Michigan is ranked because they will win, lots of games.

Chris said...

You're right about Georgia. They're good, but their schedule is too tough to win the national championship. They'll win nine games.

Mr. W. said...

I agree with the USC-Ohio State analysis. Check out
for some thoughts on the AP Poll release in this past Saturday