Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football Player Assaults Hockey Team member... at MSU

In a story that seems all too familiar, MSU's AJ Sturges was released from the hospital last night after an altercation involving him, his teammates, and allegedlly members of the MSU football team this past weekend.  The Police Department has told the media that one or two players could face possible felony charges.   The link is below: 

Talk about your Deja Vu episodes:

Doesn't this seem a little familiar?  I mean, talk about irony.  This same exact situation happens a week ago to the day at U of M with Steve Kampfer.  And now, a week before the MSU/U of M game in football, they do the exact same thing at MSU.  It shocks me that MSU's Coach Rick Cromley didn't warn his players to stay out of trouble after what was reported about the Kampfer incident.  Even though both teams should know better by this point in the season, the lack of restraint they showed is alarming (esp. since the U of M incident isn't even two weeks old).

Some people just don't learn from the mistakes of others...

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