Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Series and a Happy Halloween

  First things first:  Congrats are in order to Rob, our good friend and Sports Director at WCBN.  His Phillies took home the World Series, their first since 1980 and the city's first major chmapionship of any kind since 1983.  It was a weird series with the delay in Game 5, but I actually think that made people tune in and added a wrinkle to this series that no other before it had.  Each game was entertaining (with Game 4 being the only exception) so I was pleased, even though I'll admit I was parying for a Manny vs. Red Sox Nation championship bout. 

As for "the Bet," which was discussed last week on the Blog, I will reveal Rob's new task that will be the alternative to the Dalembert mohawk proposed back in May (special thanks to Stu for helping me out on this one).  Tune in to Game of the Week this Friday (or check the blog after the show) to find out what our Sports Director is in for!

Last point of business:  Michigan Basketball starts in exactly 1 week!!!  However, the AA News reported today (via MLive) that freshman Center Ben Cronin is looking at a possible redshirt for his first season in college.  Cronin is reportedly having hip problems and can't
even complete full court drills.  This would make an already thin front court even thinner as Michigan would only have Gibson and Puls as players over 6'9 ( The prospect of 6'8 ft DeShawn Sims playing the 5 spot this season at some point speaks to where this team could be headed.  Their offense would consist of all five players lined up around the three point arc, with Sims sometimes sneaking inside to hit a 15ft

Tune into WCBN for all home games this season and look for highlights here on the Blog.

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