Friday, October 9, 2009

Game of the Week Tonight 7-10 PM

Be sure to tune into 88.3 FM WCBN Ann Arbor or online tonight for Game of the Week where we will have three hours of sports talk.

Tune in to hear me:
Debunk the myth that Iowa's win over Penn State was all that impressive.
Argue that Iowa's defense is very solid, but not the impenetrable force of nature that everyone is making them out to be.
And completely debunk Jeremy's assertion that Ricky Stanzi is a good, reliable QB (Kirk Cousins is much better).

Brian Cook from MGoBlog may be joining us in the first hour via telephone.

We will preview tomorrow's showdown with Iowa, talk College Football, MLB, NFL, Hockey, and maybe some NBA.

We also might have trivia/"He said what?" in the eight o'clock hour.

If you would like to call in and join us on the air during the show the number is 734-763-3500.

Go Blue!

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