Saturday, October 10, 2009

Listen: Michigan at Iowa (8:12 EST)

...after a seven-hour ride through the middle of nowhere, we are in iowa city, and it's not much different. scroll down and look to the right to check out our tweets from th
e day, which features the news that students at iowa throw rocks and boomerangs. seriously. also, there's a lot of corn here...

Game: Michigan @ #12 Iowa
Time: 8:12 P.M. EST (7:12 CST)
Venue: Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, IA
Weather: Cold
Apparel: MAIZE pants (not white)
Line: Iowa -8.0
Broadcast Link: YouCastr Sports

...unfortunately, we are not in the press box. instead, we are in a hut (literally) next to the student section. if you are looking for the best view of the end zone with "hawkeyes" written, then we're your guys. otherwise, you may have to bear with us. our view is below, and yes, those are the speakers you see at movie theater concession stands...

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