Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Chip Caray is the best, plain and simple! Only Chip could screw up the potential game winning call not once, but twice in extra innings (10th and 12th). I think Chip used the word 'fisted' 78 times. Who knew that a ground ball, line drive and fly ball hit to the infield and outfield all could be 'fisted'. Thesaurus, Chip? TBS- To make things even better, please bring back Tony Gwynn: the Caray/Gwynn combination was one for the record books in 2007 (The NY Times Explains Why). Hilarious!

On to quick LDS predictions:

Yankees-Twins: YANKEES IN 4  It would not shock me if the Twins came in and stole Game One. The Twins are coming off a high and Sabathia has been a horrible postseason pitcher. I'm rooting for multiple extra inning games with Chip on the call. Overall, though, the Yanks are too strong and should advance with ease.

Red Sox-Angels: ANGELS IN 5  Can the Angels finally beat the Red Sox? I think so. Lackey is pitching for a contract, Weaver has been consistent and Kazmir has been great in his last 6 starts with LA. I'll take LA's deep starting pitching to finally put them over the top in a grueling series.

Cardinals-Dodgers: CARDINALS IN 4  Carpenter and Wainwright are scary at the top of the rotation. Randy Wolf is not. St. Louis rolls to the NLCS.

Phillies-Rockies: PHILLIES IN 5  Tough series to call. The Phillies have the better offense and starting pitching. The Rockies have a more reliable bullpen (anyone would compared to the Phillies) and better bench. I'll say the series goes the distance with Victorino providing the series-winning hit. By the way, Game 3 weather forecast in Denver: 31 degrees and SNOW!

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Anonymous said...

I missed it while play was going on (for obvious reasons - holding breath, etc) but man was it funny to hear the "LINE DRIVE BASE HIT ... and it's caught there ..." on afterwards.