Thursday, January 6, 2011

If Not Harbaugh...

It's never over 'till it's over with Harbaugh, but if in fact he is not coming, the guys at WCBN are divided over who they would like to see the Wolverines grab as a second choice. Our allegiances are as follows:

Gary Patterson: Tyler, Andy G, Chris L, Adam

Les Miles: Bill, Steve N, Joe, Kevin, Seth

Brady Hoke: Michael L, Steve P

Chris Peterson: Kudi

Pat Fitzgerald: Rushi, Roberto

We encourage all readers to post their choice for Michigan coach (assuming no Harbaugh) in the "comments" section.


Andrew Seid said...

Kirby Smart

Andy G said...

I'd be more than down with Kirby Smart. That would be an awesome hire, IMO.

Kevin said...

Shouldn't count Pat Fitzgerald votes anymore. He recently reaffirmed his commitment to Northwestern. Depends on how seriously you took that, I suppose.