Saturday, July 19, 2008

Benzing Bounced from Michigan

The NCAA eligibility committee has ruled the incoming U of M Basketball recruit Robin Benzing (6'11, F/C) is ineligible to compete at the NCAA level. Coach Beilein issued a statement in conjunction with the University stating that they would try and help Benzing explore other routes for eligibility. Beilein expects Benzing to play professionally this fall in Europe if his status of eligibility doesn't change soon.

This really shouldn't come as much of a shock to Michigan fans. The chances of getting Benzing and have him contribute right away were small as he only put up 9 pts and 3 boards a game in Germany. The fact that he played "club" basketball initially raised a red flag with me, and then when Brandon Jennings said he was going over to play in Europe to play for a year and earn a living, I can't say I wasn't shocked to see the committee's results. The big downside is that now Michigan is left with only two legitimate centers (Cronin and Gibson), neither with extensive experience.

The Wolverines have an incoming class of only four recruits: 7-foot center Ben Cronin of Syracuse, N.Y., guard Stu Douglass of Carmel, Ind., guard Zack Novak of Chesterton, Ind., and guard Laval Lucas-Perry of Grand Blanc. (Lucas-Perry has been with the team since transferring from Arizona last winter)


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