Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Less Rich, More Rod

One distraction is out of the way as it was announced today that Rich Rodriguez has come to an agreement with West Virginia University in which the full $4 million buyout will be paid to WVU. Rodriguez will be aided by the U of M Athletic Department which will fork over $2.5 million with the other $1.5 coming from his pocket.

Rodriguez will pay the $1.5 million in three installments of $500,000 while the Michigan payment will come as a lump sum from their reserve fund.

WVU put the pressure on Rodriguez/U of M as Athletic Director, Bill Martin and University President, Mary Sue Coleman would have been forced to testify at the trial as to whether or not there was an agreement made that would have Michigan pay the buyout clause before Rodriguez accepted the U of M job.

Either way, this story is finally over with and we can concentrate on the upcoming season. Rushi is busy preparing an in-depth season preview that should make its way onto the blog in the weeks ahead.

51 days till the opener!

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Tony Bolton said...

Oh good, Rushi is doing the preview? I'll give you a peak at it then. The defense will get an A, the offense will somehow get a B+, and Michigan will go 13-0 winning the National Championship.

Maize and Blue glasses preview coming up! ;-)