Monday, July 21, 2008

College Football Future Odds

With the Michigan football season a little more than a month away, here are some odds for the upcoming season.
-8/30 Michigan (-7) vs. Utah: Suprised to see Michigan favored by a TD, it seems a bit high for Threet's opener.
-Over/Under Win Totals: Michigan (8), USC (10.5), Ohio State (10), Georgia (9), Utah (8.5), Michigan State (7), Syracuse (2.5)
-Odds to win the BCS National Championship Game: Michigan (40-1), USC (3-1), Ohio State (8-1), LSU (25-1), Penn State (50-1), Michigan State (75-1), Notre Dame (100-1), Utah (150-1)


Chris said...

The most interesting over/under win total odds is Georgia with 9. Many folks in the South are touting them as a national title contender. I don't see it with the schedule they are playing.

Rushi said...

yeah schedule is brutal but theyre stacked. I agree though