Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kevin Grady: First Player with Legal Troubles for Rodriguez to Handle

Michigan Runningback Kevin Grady was released from jail this morning on a $5,000 bond after being arrested for a misdemeanor charge of Drunk Driving. This is the first Michigan player with legal trouble since Rodriguez has arrived.

For Grady, this is a very unfortunate and terrible mistake. After battling through a torn ACL and recovering to where coaches expect(ed) him to be a big factor in the backfield, Grady might have found his way back off the field. It will probably only be for a few games, but we will have to see how Rodriguez plans to deal with it.

The backfield definitely will take a hit for the games without Grady, but still should be ok. Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown have been the assumed #1 and #2 running backs (unsure of who is first) followed by Grady and Avery Horn who was very impressive in the Spring scrimmage. Many thought Grady might be used in the mold of Rodriguez's West Virginia fullback Owen Schmidt, however, coaches indicated that Grady was probably going to be a normal running back.

While Grady provides power, and seemed to gain an ability to find the open field in the spring game (an ability he lacked before the injury) Michigan is plenty deep at the running back spot. Still, his loss would hurt.

In a released statement, Rodriguez said this would be handled "in-house" after all the details are gathered. I think this will fairly lead to a suspension of a few games to start the season. A 2-3 game suspension would suffice in my belief, granted that Grady shows remorse for his actions and doesn't do anything else. The 22 year old made a mistake, is probably remorseful and probably won't put himself in that situation again anytime soon. In addition to a suspension, he has to face the punishment the government hands down to him as well. He worked his butt off to rehab his knee back to full strength and will not risk his chance to see the field again. I think he stays out of trouble and we will see him either against Notre Dame or the Big Ten opener.


Anonymous said...

That might be the most poorly-written headline I've ever seen.

Matt Boyer said...

I'd like to know where he got the dough for a 2007 Denali with all the bells and whistles included. Any ideas?

Also, I'm just thankful it wasn't little brother Kelvin. That would hurt way more than losing a third string RB.