Friday, June 6, 2008

Cleveland Indians Love the Maize and Blue

Cleveland's obsession with Michigan players continued today as they added Adam Abraham (13th round, 411 overall) and Nate Recknagel (19th round, 591 overall). This makes three Wolverines for the Indians as they also drafted Zach Putnam yesterday in the fifth round. Somehow the Indians did not draft Jason Christian as he went to the Oakland A's 17 slots higher than Putnam.

The Indians now have the Big 10 pitcher of the year in Putnam as well as the Big 10 player of the year in Recknagel.

Christian and Putnam are both good as gone with these quotes from Putnam in today's Ann Arbor News, "I am very confident that the Indians and I will be able to work something out, because I'm looking forward to playing for them. The Indians are in a very small group of organizations I've been told are the best in the business, and so obviously it was a thrill for my family and me when they picked me."

I would guess that Abraham leaves as well, as last year Pickens gave up his final year of collegiate eligibility and signed with the Indians even though he was drafted in the 50th round. Abraham says he will consider Cleveland's offer but if it isn't appealing, he will go play in the Cape Cod League this summer and return to Michigan for his senior year.

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Matt Boyer said...

Just from the way I've seen Abraham, on and off the field, I feel like the offer would have to be real strong to make him leave AA. It seems like he enjoys playing for Coach Maloney and enjoys playing in front of a largely hometown (he grew up 40 minutes away) crowd.

However, the Indians have a long track record of making young draft picks into big time stars (Manny Ramirez, CC, Fausto, Jim Thome). If the offer is respectable (which I think it will be), he is going to leave Ann Arbor.