Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mock Draft

Things have been a little slow lately here at M&B, so Stu and I thought we'd go out on a limb and try our first NBA Mock Draft. These picks have been soundly thought out and have been decided based on what we feel these teams SHOULD do and not what they necessarily will ultimately decided on. Props to Stu for sticking this out on 1.5 hours sleep. Eat your heart out, Chad Ford.

  1. Chicago- Derrick Rose. Guard, Memphis. This pick shouldn't surprise anyone as we both agree on this pick due to Rose's versatility and quickness for a bigger guard. He will also benefit in playing for a young, athletic team and a hometown crowd. Welcome home, Mr. Rose.
  2. Miami- O.J. Mayo. Guard. USC. This was very much a Stu Zaas production, however, I can see his logic. A lot of questions are raised with Michael Beasley (his height is only 6'7, his character issues, his work ethic, etc.) that might not be worth taking such a huge risk at No. 2. I see him being a Glenn Robinson type player (O to burn...No D though). Mayo is an explosive guard that could give the Heat a franchise backcourt. Although I'd probably take Beasley. I gave Stu the nod and we'll give his pick the bold print here.
  3. Minnesota- Michael Beasley. Forward. KSU. Stu thinks Minny needs some help at the 3 spot while Al Jefferson and Corey Brewer progress. I think they should take instant offense in Mayo, and build around him and Jefferson.
  4. Seattle (or location TBD)- Jerryd Bayless. Guard. Arizona. Bayless gives the Sonics their first franchise PG since Gary Payton lead the team to a Finals appearance. He's a project, but has tremendous potential. Stu has Brook Lopez here, giving Durant some support up the middle. Stu says "premium on the big guys ...seattle/new orleans needs one.... they have guards and guards are a lot easier to come by."
  5. Memphis- Brook Lopez. Center. Stanford. This is a Matt pick, and one that should help fill the void left by the Gasol trade (and No, Kwame Brown doesn't count). Stu likes the Italian forward Gallinari here because of his outside game.
  6. New York- Eric Gordon. Guard. Indiana. Me and Stu both believe that Marbury and Crawford are both on the way out of New York within the next two years. This gives Mike D'antoni the run and gun 2-guard he covets in his 7 second offense.
  7. LA Clippers- DJ Augustin. Guard. Texas. I like Augustin here because of his ability to distribute the basketball and perimeter scoring. Has the ability to help Corey Maggette into a Tyson Chandler-esque transformation by drawing the defense and leaving Maggette open. Stu has Bayless falling here on his big board.
  8. Milwaukee- Brandon Rush. F/G. Kansas. Stu says "Brandon replace Michael Redd who's coming to Cleveland. I have the rangy Gallinari here.
  9. Charlotte- Kevin Love. Center. UCLA. Stu made this intial pick which I can see. Okafor gets some help up front and completes a college all-star front court of Okafor, Love, and Sean May.
  10. New Jersey - Russel Westbrook. Guard. UCLA. This gives NJ some defensive help after Jason Kidd left the team devoid of defense at the guard position. They are just biding their time before the LeBron Sweepstakes open up in two seasons.
  11. Indiana- Mario Chalmers. Guard. Kansas. Plenty of Final Four players in this year's lotto. We both agree this is the spot for Chalmers as Tinsley is on his last legs as the Pacers veteran PG.
  12. Sacramento- Alexis Ajinca. Center. France. This will be a "project pick" with the final prdouct not complete for the next two years. Ajinca is a risk, but has the size and strength to bolster the Kings weak frontline. Stu has Anthony Randolph (another project pick) landing here.
  13. Portland- Stu has DJ Augustin and seeing as most draft boards have him here, I'll give Stu some credit on this pick. Portland needs a Chris Paul type point guard who can create for other players. Should be dynamic on the offensive end with Oden. I have Randolph here.
  14. Golden State- Kosta Koufos. Center. Ohio State. Stu has him here becuase he doesn't want this Buckeye anywhere near the Cavs at 19. He has Koufos as the biggest bust thus far. I have Joe Alexander here, as Al Harrington is reportedly being shopped to multiple teams.
  15. Phoenix- I have Brandon Rush here, filling the Shawn Marion void at the 3-spot as a defensive stopper for this team. Stu likes his KU teammate Mario Chalmers. Phoenix will look to bulk up defensively regardless with Terry Porter this year.
  16. Philadelphia- We both like Darrell Arthur here. Forward. Kansas. Arthur gives them a physical presence up front to help Sam Dalembert against the bigger frontcourts of Boston and Detroit in the East. Hopefully Sam brings back the mohawk and passes it on to future generations of Sixer players.
  17. Toronto- Robin Lopez. Center. Stanford. He should compliment Chris Bosh nicely by providing nice defensive help and is a great rebounder. Doesn't have much offensive but that's not going to factor into this decision too much. Me and Stu agree here as well.

This is where Stu started to fade as the lack of sleep got to him. But he fought on like a champ in a heavyweight fight...

18. Washington -Jason Thomson. F/C. Rider. Versatile scorer who could prove to be a nice complimentary forward to Jamison and Haywood up front. Could even be his replacement should the Wiz choose to ship Jamison out.

19. Cleveland- The reason Stu Zaas stayed one more hour. Roy Hibbert. Center. Georgetown. Stu likes the big men in this draft, and Hibbert fits the mold at 7'2. He would provide a nice back-up to Illgauskas, and will replace Varejao in the rotation, as he is reportedly very likely headed on his way out via trade.

20. Charlotte - JJ Hickson. Forward. NC State. Good forward to help bolster the front line/good PR move to help the good people of forget the draft blunder of Adam Morrison.

In the interest of time (and Stu's health) we fast forwarded through the rest of the first round.

21. New Jersey- Stu with Hickson here. I like Hibbert here. I'm a sucker for local picks.

22. Orlando- Maresse Speights. F/C. Florida. Nice hometwon project pick.

23. Utah- JaVale McGee. Center. Nevada

24. Seattle - Donte Green. Forward. Syracuse.

25. Houston - Serge Ibaka. Center. Congo. Will play in Europe at least 1 more year.

26. San Antonio- Bill Walker. Forward. KSU. Hard-worker at the 3 will make the Spurs very deadley within a year.

27. Portland- Nicolas Batum. Forward. France.

28. Memphis- Ante Tomic. Center. Croatia. The run on big men continues...

29. Detroit- Chris Douglas Roberts. Forward. Memphis. Great pick here as a hometown boy, blue collar worker on D, and ability to create his own shot. He will light the fire to be put under Tayshaun Prince's butt.

30. Boston- Courtney Lee. Guard. Western Kentucky. Hard-working SG could be seen as a steal this late within three years.

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