Thursday, June 26, 2008


8:04pm- OK I'm a little late getting in on this blog due to technical difficulties. Memphis just took Kevin Love a lot higher than I thought. Not sure if he has the inside-outside game Memphis seems to like.

8:06pm- Stan Love flashback. I'm thinking he needs to bring back the long hair as long as Kevin is going to rock that weird-ass beard.

8:08pm- New York fans just received the news that they have selected Danilo Gallinari and is about to be booed off stage. Even without Isiah, these people are still pissed. There is no pleasing these people. I smell a bust with this pick.

8:09pm- Friscilla just held up Gallinari's new shoe called "The Rooster." Not only is it the ugliest shoe I have ever seen, but how can a guy get his own shoe deal when no one has ever heard of him?!

8:11pm- Gallinari seems like a nice kid. I feel bad for him 'cuase he can't even hear Stephen A. Smith over all the boos... Looks like a deer in the headlights. Says his favorite player is Tayshaun Prince. Obviously, the last four years of the NBA have not been seen by Italians yet.

8:14pm- Eric Gordon just went 7th to the Clips. I really like this pick. 3 of his 6 highlights on the tape they just showed are against Michigan. This is the only time we will see the Wolverines in the draft so cherish the moment.

8:16pm- If Stephen A. Smith asks one more draft pick what he brings to the team, I'm going to hurl.

8:18pm- I'm flipping over to Last Comic Standing for a moment, even though I got it on TiVo. My pick for this year is Rod G.

8:20pm- Bucks just went with Joe Alexander, a former John Beilein recruit. Had a great NCAA tournament . I think we will look back and say Darrell Arthur was the better Forward, but a solid pick for the time being.

8:19pm- Joe Alexander sounds like an Army cadet in his interview with Stephen A. Dude, relax! It's the NBA Draft...might as well enjoy it because he will spend the next 3 years in the Milwaukee boondocks.

8:26pm- Bobcats just took DJ Augustin. I'm a little confused, but Rob had this pick correct in his Mock Draft. Rob went 60% in the first ten picks. Hopefully he and his Sixers are rewarded with Arthur at 16.

8:28 pm- Stu's boy Brook Lopez is literally shedding tears over not being taken by the Bobcats. If I'm him, I'm just glad Jordan didn't pick me. The last big man MJ selected in the first round was umm, lemme check here.... Oh yeah! KWAME BROWN... Be happy, Brook. You dodged a bullet.

8:31pm- Lopez didn't have to wait long because the Nets have just called his number. He fell a long ways as Stu had him going 4th to the Sonics. He only played half the season at Stanford, but he made it count in the tourney. I like his potential.... I'd still like to see Stephen A. ask him why he was crying, though.

8:35pm- Holy S^%$!!!! Brook Lopez sounds exactly like Sean Penn in "Fast Times..." He talks like he's a beach bum, but has the same tone as Cookie Monster has in his voice. He can't interview, but he's got a mean turnaround.

8:36pm-Jerryd Bayless just got picked by the Pacers. He's a project but it doesn't bug me that much, seeing as the Pacers are about to get TJ Ford. Would have liked to see them take a big man to replace O'Neal though.

8:37pm- Tim from Varsity Blue says "THIS LIVE BLOG IS GREAT. by which I mean terrible. Matt Boyer is the only contributor wirth his weight on this awful blog." I don't know if I should be insulted or just happy someone is reading. I'll go with the latter and keep going.

8:38pm- Kings take Jason Thompson out of Rider. Wow. A MAAC player was taken 11th?!? I heard the Pistons like his offensive skills and inside-outside game... but that was at 29. Chad Ford had him falling to 29 too. This is the biggest reach since the Lions took Gosder Cherilus at 16 in April's NFL Draft.

8:48pm- Blazers take Brandon Rush. I think he's been one of the most underrated players in the draft and will be a Pippen-like defender in Portland. Look out for these guys in the playoffs in '09.

8:50pm- Andrew Seid just texted," Grizzlies new dynamic duo.. the Gay-Love connection." I can't believe I didn't think of that! There's enough material there to fill at least 2 minutes of a pre-season game for a broadcaster. Good catch by Andrew.

8:54pm- Golden State just selected Anthony Randolph of LSU. This is the player that worried me the most. He really didn't make a huge impact in the SEC and I didn't really hear about him, untill February. Most of the critics say his potnetial is his best attribute. I don't like it.

8:56pm- Dick Vitale just professed his undying affection for Kevin Love. He also just called Gallinari the next Darko in the draft. I have to agree. He even looks like Darko a little bit. Minus the bleach blonde hair.

8:58pm- Speaking of hair, Robin Lopez just got drafted by the Suns. The hat won't fit over his 'fro. I like th pick, because Terry Porter is a defensive guy. I got to hear Porter speak at Pistons practice during the playoffs and I like his style. Lopez's strengths on the glass and defense fits Porter's style very nicely.

8:58pm- Robin doesn't sound like his brother in his interview, but it's close. Much more reserved.

8:59pm- I was really hoping Lopez would have fallen to the Cavs, just so I could watch Lopez and Varejao play side by side in the post. They have the exact same Side-Show Bob 'fro.

9:04pm- 76ers on the clock. After the pick, I wish we could go to Rob via video conference to get his take on the decision.

9:05pm-Maurice Speights goes to Philly. I'm not sure I'd take him here, with Arthur still on the board. If I'm a Philly fan, I'd be kind of pissed, but I'd like to hear what Rob has to say.

9:08pm- Raptors pick for Indy and take Roy Hibbert. Stu's ideal pick for the Cavs is off the board. Stu's potential nightmare of drafting Koufos of OSU is getting closer and closer. Arthur is looking very lonely in the green room.

9:10pm- I think Hibbert is going to be a bench player for most of his career, but seeing as he is going to Indy and would have to guard Rasheed or McDyess in the Central, I don't mind that much.

9:13pm- Of all the players to Wire-Up for sound, why Brook Lopez?!? He's like the NBA's own version of a "Valley Girl."

9:14pm- My boy Terry Porter on Robin Lopez: Took him for his defense. The Phoenix Suns are about to look totally different next year.

9:15pm- JaVale Mcgee to the Wizards. This is a good pick because it strengthens the front court of the Wizards. Gives Haywood some help in the middle. Solid pick.

9:17pm- Bayless was just traded to Portland and Rush was moved to Indiana... I'm not sure Rush knows who the coach of Indy is according to his interview with Andy Katz. He just said "that coach" when referring to Jim O'Brien.

9:19pm- Cavs are on the clock... and Koufos is on the board........

9:20pm- Cavs select NC State's JJ Hickson. I guess this makes sense being 6'9 in the Carlos Boozer mold. Stu, you dodged the proverbial bullet. Rob didn't even have Hickson in the first round.

9:26pm- Jay Bilas sounds like a used-car salesman trying to pawn off Koufos on the Bobcats. If I'm a Bobcat fan, I'm praying Jordan stays away from big men.

9:33pm- Just took my dog Obi out for the night. I'm pretty sure even he knew it would be a bad idea to take a center named Alexis. Jordan strikes again!!

9:35pm- NJ just took Ryan Anderson after getting Yi and Boby Simmons via trade today and already drafting Brook Lopez. I'm a little confused why they would need a third big man in Anderson after you traded for a guy (Yi) with the exact same skill set as Anderson.

9:39pm- Courtney Lee is taken by the magic. I really like the pick. He had his coming out party during the tournament and will be a nice player to compliment Nelson and Howard. He had the nicest jump shot I saw all year.

9:41pm- Rob had his confident prediction confirmed with Lee....Koufos selected by Utah. I don't like the pick because I didn't think he did that much to help the Buckeyes this year. He didn't stand out at all when I saw him play against weak Big Ten Competition this year.

9:47pm- Andrew has turned to a higher power and is now praying Arthur falls to the Spurs. This is a strong possibility since Houston and Seattle seem set at the 4 spot.

9:50pm- Sonics take Serge Ibaka from the Congo. This guy will stay overseas for at least another year. I feel bad for the Sonics, becaause this pick should have alienated whatever fan base they had left. Your franchise is on life support and select a no name from the Congo? At least take a name that might sell some tickets.

9:53pm- Doris Burke just told Arthur that many players have had success and were never drafted. I'm sure this is just what he wants to hear. In other news, Stan Van Gundy loves buffets.

9:54pm- Rockets take Batum of France. I've never seen the guy play so I'm not going to act like I know what is going on. San Antonio is next and the Spurs have Arthur to themselves if they want him. Bucher reports he has kidney issues, which is the reason he has fallen so far

10:02pm- Spurs go with George Hill, guard from IUPUI. I'm a little confused because he is a 6'2 slashing guard. Andrew says "Whoa...didn't see that coming."

10:03pm-The Hornets select Darrell Arthur for Portland. I'm happy to see him go to Portland. He is a great player that I was able to see in Detroit for the NCAA tourney. Great pick and will help make Portland scary good in 3 years.

10:15pm- Memphis is next with Detroit on deck.... please don't let Memphis take CDR, please don't take CDR...

10:16pm- The Grizz take Donte Green... Bilas calls him a wing athlete... I thought Memphis already had Rudy Gay? I shouldn't be surprised since this pick came from the same guy who traded Pau Gasol to LA for Kwame Brown and some beach side real estate in Malibu. CDR to Detroit? I hope it comes true.

10:22pm- *$&%!!!!!!!!!!! DJ WHITE?!?! I absolutely hate this pick. He is another Corliss Williamson type player. I understand the Piston are in the midst of moving some guys, but Joe went from drafting Stuckey last year to this... This smells of 2003.

10:28pm- Apologies to Andrew... he called this pick when SA was picking. I'm about to go eat an entire Hot N' Ready and drink heavily to help soothe that Piston's pick.

10:30pm- Boston is next. I'm still sad about that Piston's pick but this week hasn't been a total loss... I got to see John Daly hit a ball 300 yards off a beer can on Wednesday... so I got that going for me.

10:32pm- J.R. Giddens closes the first round to Boston. Transferred from KU to NMU early in his career. Don't think this kid will make the roster on what is already a loaded team. Can you say D-League?

10:36pm- Stu Scott briefly mentioned White might've been on the move.... hopefully that comes true as my blood pressure is slowly returning to normal levels.

Thanks for reading the blog. I'm off to bed because I need to be up early for the Buick Open tomorrow. My winner for the draft was Portland and loser was the Nets or Pacers (tie). Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and have a safe Fourth of July for all those going on vacation.


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