Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wings/Pens Triple Overtime Live Blog

So I started watching this game at 8 at my house before leaving to go watch the rest of it at Damons with some friends. At 11:00 Damons closed, at which point we were shot dirty looks from the waitstaff for the next half hour until one of them finally came up to us and asked us to start heading out. At that point, the second overtime was about to end, so we figured that'd be a good time to leave. I just got home to watch the last few minutes of OT number two, so now i'm ready to live-blog the third overtime

19:32: The would have been kind of disappointing if they scored so quickly. After that 15-minute intermission, I want at least five or six minutes of solid hockey before the winner

16:41: I forgot, I don't have to comply with the NCAA blogging policy of just three posts per period.

15:43: It's making me tired just watching these guys.

14:25: Matt Boyer and I were talking about how this game is reminding us of the last OT marathon we watched earlier in the playoffs between Dallas and San Jose that went into the 4th OT. I hope this one ends soon, I've gotta get up in a few hours.

13:10: Tony, I hope your heart was up for this challenge. I wonder how the fans are holding up down there at the Joe

11:44: Franzan had a good look there...wide open in front. The Wings have definitely been the more aggressive team, you can't keep giving them all these chances and expect to live another game if you're the Penguins

10:39: Wow! Horrible penalty to take, it'll be a four-minute advantage for the Penguins. If they don't score here, the Wings are going to win it.

10:03: Well, he called it. Sykora said earlier in the period that he was going to get the game-winner and he backed it up, beating Osgood glove-side to force game six back in Pittsburgh.

Good night!

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