Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Michigan Football Falls in IM Softball Championship

The Michigan Football team's run in the intramural slow pitch softball playoffs came to an end as they were defeated 20-5 in a mercy rule shortened championship game. The team had reached the finals in the All Campus Men's A Division, breezing through the regular season without any difficulty.

The football team was led in the pitching circle by southpaw ace, Zoltan Mesko who pitched well in the first three innings before losing his control in the fourth. Despite a very generous strike zone, Mesko walked three in the inning and also surrendered a three run triple that could have been avoided had he waited for Artis Chambers to return to his position in left-center field before pitching.

Given the way the football players mashed home runs all season long, the game was never out of reach until team CWare and Co. put up an eight spot in the fifth to give them the 20-5 lead. Greg Matthews stepped up to lead off in the bottom of the fifth and popped out to first. Instead of running it out, Matthews headed straight to the dugout, drawing the ire of first base coach, Brian Wright.

Matthews response? "F*ck it, it's F*ing softball"

Perhaps the Barwis workouts are taking effect.

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Matt Boyer said...

Greg should have reminded Wright he is a kicker, and should shut his mouth.