Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Have A Deal!

At long last, Comcast and the BTN have reached an agreement on contract negotiations after the year long hold out forced fans into local bars/homes of friends with DirectTV. Here are the terms as specified by the AP:

The BTN and cable carrier announced a multiyear agreement Thursday that puts programming on expanded basic on Aug. 15 in states with Big Ten schools. After the 2008-09 basketball season ends, Comcast has the option to shift the network to its digital service.

The Good News: All televised Michigan athletic events (except for some of the weird broadcasts for hockey) are now available to Comcast customers.

The Bad News: The UM/App State game is now available to be seen on re-runs.

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Tony Bolton said...

Better enjoy the BTN for this year because it will most likely be the only year it is available on extended basic. After next year Comcast can move it to the next digital tear, which will cost you more money to have.