Thursday, March 27, 2008

Benedict Boren

Ok, so if you want to quit the team after four spring practices, fine. You want to badmouth the program saying the "family values have eroded?" Fine. But to leave the University of Michigan and then say you'd like to walk on at Ohio State??? That's crossing the line. How can you accuse Rich Rodriguez of eroding family values when you're about to walk out on your team and play for their archrivals? That is as hypocritical as you can get. Obviously those family values that you speak of didn't mean all that much to you that you're willing to walk out on your team like this. Oh yea, and your father who was a CAPTAIN here at Michigan is supporting your decision? Good for him and best of luck to you in your next two years that you'll spend without a scholarship backing up those great Ohio State O-linemen. Oh and it's good to see that you have your mug shot pose down pat, it might come in handy down in Columbus.

UPDATE: Rumors are a-flying that another player has quit, supposedly a DE...more to come when we get it

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Stu bringing the HOT FI-YA!!!