Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kevin Borseth Rant

By now, just about everyone has seen the video clip of Michigan Women’s Basketball coach, Kevin Borseth blowing up at the press conference following the 69-67 loss to Wisconsin on 2/28. It’s not often that women’s basketball makes it onto ESPN’s Sportscenter, and even rarer that a 16-11 unranked Michigan team makes it onto the nightly highlights. In fact, Thursday’s loss was one of just eight televised games for Michigan this season – all televised by the Big 10 Network which still does not reach most of its market (but that’s a whole other post in and of itself).

Now it is true that the appearance on Sportscenter did not include any game footage nor any mention of the fact that the women are on the bubble of making their first NCAA tournament appearance since 1990. It is also true that in the press conference, Coach Borseth clearly loses his temper and downright abuses the unfortunate podium that happened to come in the way of his fist. As for the glasses? Good thing he had a backup pair handy. But you know what? As long as the podium isn’t going to press charges, who did Borseth actually harm? Sure, he expressed his displeasure with the officiating and with the play of his team but he didn’t swear, he didn’t attack any of the two or three media members who were probably in the room, and he didn’t single out any official or player.

Maybe his actions should draw a fine from the Big 10 for complaining about the officiating. Surely if this was the NBA, he’d be hearing from David Stern for that part of the rant. When Athletic Director, Bill Martin got wind of the situation, he immediately demanded that Borseth write a letter apologizing for his actions. Martin worried that this wasn’t the “Michigan way.” Michigan coaches are cool, calm, collected (Michigan coaches are Lloyd Carr). Well you know what, Cheryl Burnett may have been cool, calm, and collected but she sure didn’t win games. Coach Borseth has turned a 10-20 (3-13 Big 10) team into a 17-12 (10-9) season this year.

Point being, before Borseth’s blowup, barely anyone knew anything about the type of season the Michigan women were having. While they still might not know any of the players, can’t recite our record or place in the Big 10 Standings, at least people are talking about Michigan Women’s Basketball. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.

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