Friday, March 28, 2008

NCAA Midwest Regional: Stephen Curry's Coming Out Party

Despite our best efforts to get media credentials for the NCAA Midwest Regional, a couple of us from the station will be headed down to Ford Field (an arena normally known as the "Epicenter of Misery" during football season) to get a first hand look at March Madness. Up to this point, the Madness has not disappointed fans, with the tourney producing two 12 v. 13 match-ups and showcasing some hidden talent among the lower seeds (Brazelton of WKU and Joe Alexander WVU to name a few). However, their has been no bigger storyline than Stephen Curry, who will bring his smooth jump-shot to the Motor City tonight. If you haven't heard of him, watch the game tonight. He'll be wearing No.30 in Red and carrying Davidson's entire roster on his back.

Curry has been the most intriguing player of the tourney for a lot of reasons, starting with the sweet jump-shot that obviously runs in the family. His father, Dell Curry, played 12 seasons in the NBA as a 3-point specialist, most of the time for the Charlotte Hornets. Stephen's game has been comparable to that of his dad's (he has Dell's quick release off the feed), but has also shown the Iverson-esque ability to get his shot off in traffic.

This brings me to his prospects as a pro: Curry is listed as 6'3, but that's being generous. He's also listed at 185 lbs. Now, I know media guides have a tendency to stretch the truth, but this kid would be lucky tip the scales at 165 in sopping wet clothes. He looks like he's 12 yrs old, and that puberty is still two years away. Let me put it to you this way: If he turned sideways, you'd have a hard time seeing him. Many analysts see this as the biggest knock on Curry, and one thing that might prevent him from making it in the pros.

I disagree. And the evidence to this lies across the Huron River at Eastern Michigan, where Earl Boykins' name is plastered all over the EMU record books. Boykins, a 5'5 guard out of Cleveland, has played nine seasons in the NBA. While Boykins isn't running people over, his best attributes are his quickness, and ability to get his shot off with a hand in his face (much like Curry). While I think Curry (who is still only a Sophomore) has the opportunity to be much better than Boykins, this shows that Curry doesn't need an intimidating physique to go high in the draft.

(I personally see Curry as a Rip Hamilton type guard when all is said and done: A guy who really can't create his own shot, but is lights-out coming off a solid screen).

As for this weekend, look for Curry to drop 27 on Wisconsin in a loss. Bo Ryan's teams always play tough D, they rebound extremely well, and tomorrow night will be no different. Holding Curry under 30 should be Ryan's goal, and I think if this happens, Wisconsin has a very good shot at meeting the winner of Nova/Kansas in the Elite 8.

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Matt Boyer said...

Post Script: So much for 30 Points. Curry gets 33 in a blowout win and gets a standing 0 from the fans