Friday, March 28, 2008

Michigan v. Niagara: Game 1 from Albany


VICTORY! The Michigan Hockey Pep Band plays “The Victors” as the game ends, 5-1, in favor of the Wolverines. Michigan out shot Niagara 39 to 17 and added 3 more goals in the third period and Michigan captain Kevin Porter adds 4 goals to bring his season total to 32. I will be back with my final thoughts and hopefully a few highlights.


GOAL MICHIGAN! What a night for Kevin Porter as he adds an empty-net goal for the Wolverines. He took the puck away from a Niagara defenseman to score his fourth goal tonight and make it 5-1 Michigan. There is now less than a minute in the game and Michigan looks to close out the game strong.


Our media friend Mark Damico who was watching the game by us has handed me a sheet to promote a new college hockey website, He knows his hockey and is just looking to spread the word. He tells me that there will be a nice article on Michigan hockey, including his interview with Michigan coach Red Berenson. The site will be fully operational after the Frozen Four.

UPDATE: In the middle of the second period, he predicted a 5-1 Michigan win, which it was. Like I said, he knows his stuff.


The shutout is done as Niagara scores for the first time tonight. Captain Matt Caruana scores his 17th goal this year off an assist from Vince Rocco. There is a little under 4 minutes to play in Albany as Michigan looks to hold off the Purple Eagles for the remainder of the game.


The Niagara power play ends as Kyle Rogers is called for roughing. Once Hagelin’s penalty is done, the Wolverines will go back on their 2 for 4 power play unit.


Carl Hagelin takes an elbow to the head penalty for Michigan. The Wolverines penalty kill has been great all night, staving off the Niagara special teams that came into the game 3rd in the nation. The Purple Eagles will look to add at least one goal tonight and take a little momentum away from Michigan.


HAT TRICK FOR KEVIN PORTER! The top line adds another goal as the Michigan fans throw hats on the ice and rain “Hobey Baker” chants onto Porter, who now has 31 goals on the year. Michigan now leads 4-0 with 8:58 left to play in the third. Chad Kolarik picks up his fourth assist on the night and Max Pacioretty adds his third along with his goal. More pretty puck movement from the Wolverines led to this goal, allowing “The Victors” to resonate once again in Albany.


Shortly after the Michigan goal, a hooking penalty comes to Niagara winger Paul Zanette, so the Maize and Blue will have a chance to add another power play goal. They are 1 for 3 with the man advantage tonight.


GOAL MICHIGAN! Kevin Porter adds his second goal of the night off a shot from defenseman Tristin Llewellyn. The shot bounced around in front of the net, touching Max Pacioretty and Chad Kolarik before Porter puts the loose puck in the back of the net. Michigan’s first line is now responsible for all 3 of Michigan’s goals.


We are 6 minutes into this third period and Niagara has upped their physical play and intensity. Michigan seems to be playing back, but still have only allowed one shot on goal. Niagara has kept the play so far in the Michigan zone, but the defense continues to step up. Billy Sauer just made a nice save to keep the two goal lead.


End of the 2nd period from Albany, the Wolverines up 2-0 thanks to goals from Max Pacioretty and Kevin Porter. Michigan out shot Niagara 19-5 that period, leaving Niagara in desperate need of some changes during this intermission.


Pagliero doing all he can to keep Niagara in this game as he has faced 26 shots so far this game, while only allowing 2 goals. The Wolverines have a 26-7 shot advantage with 6:30 left in the second period.


2-0 MICHIGAN! A great play by the top line, breaking out of the defensive zone and the perfectly run 3-2 break by Kevin Porter, Max Pacioretty, and Chad Kolarik. Patch brings the puck into the zone, drops it off to the trailing Kolarik who feeds the puck between the two Niagara defenders to Kevin Porter. Porter then beats Pagliero five-hole for a great goal and a 2-0 Wolverine lead.


After a tough first period, the Wolverines are absolutely dominating to start this second period, outshooting Niagara 7-0 in the first 5 minutes. Niagara will try to take advantage of the possible momentum killer as a pane of glass comes loose just over 6 minutes into the period.


The Wolverines successfully kill off another penalty, as Niagara gets no shots on goal during that power play and have been out shot by Michigan 11-0 since the Purple Eagles took an early shot advantage in the first period.


With 18:41 left in the second, the Wolverines now are back on the PK following a hooking penalty by Matt Rust.


GOAL MICHIGAN! Power play is finally taken advantage of by the Wolverines, as Max Pacioretty gets the power play goal, his 15th of the season, to put Michigan ahead 1-0. Assists to Chad Kolarik and Aaron Palushaj, with the primary assist coming on a spectacular pass by Mr. Kolarik.

- 8:24--

The puck is dropped and the second period is under way here in Albany and Michigan resumes the power play left from the first period.

-- 8:09 --

The first period here in Albany has come to a close with Michigan and Niagara tied 0-0. Michigan has been slowed by some physical play by the Purple Eagles and numerous whistles by the referees. Michigan put 11 shots on goal, while Niagara has put only 4 on Billy Sauer. Both defenses are playing physical hockey and are trying to slow down the strong offenses from both teams. The Wolverines will be on the power play for 1:16 once play resumes in the second period.

--8:03 --

Not a minute after Niagara killed their first penalty, Michigan will go back onto the power play after Purple Eagles’ captain Matt Caruana was called for boarding.

--8:00 --

The Wolverines will go on the power play after Kevin Porter was tripped up by Niagara defenseman Scott Langdon, who was serenaded with the “See Ya” chant, at 14:09.


Michigan has just had two great scoring opportunities, including a Hagelin-Rust 2 on 1, but both have been turned away by two nice saves from Juliano Pagliero.

-- 7:46 --

Niagara will have the first power play opportunity as Chris Summers takes an elbowing to the head penalty at 7:46 on mid-ice. The penalty came in retaliation from a big hit from a Niagara player. Michigan’s 14th ranked penalty kill will go to work for the first time against the potent Purple Eagles’ offense.

-- 7:34 --

The puck drops and the NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament begins for the Maize and Blue.

--7:28 --

The Michigan Hockey Pep Band has just played the National Anthem and both teams are being introduced tonight, Michigan in their maize sweaters, Niagara in black. There are about 2 sections filled with Michigan faithful. One notable scratch for Michigan is Scooter Vaughn, who supposedly injured his shoulder in a pre-tournament practice and is replaced byEric Elmblad, whose only appearance was in the CCHA Tournament versus Nebraska-Omaha. Here are the starting lineups for each team:

Niagara-> LW – Vince Rocco
C – Matt Caruana
RW- Kyle Rodgers
D – Scott Langdon
D – Ryan Annesley
G – Juliano Pagliero

Michigan -> LW – Max Pacioretty
C – Kevin Porter
RW – Chad Kolarik
D – Mark Mitera
D – Chris Summers
G – Billy Sauer


Due to unforeseen complications with the NCAA blogging policy, we cannot bring you the first game live here at the East Hockey regional. We will be working throughout the game on getting credentials and will post highlights and the blog entry after the game is over.

Update: I have sent an email the Blog Central to try and get this up for tomorrow. Even if we can, there are still regulations on how often we can blog and have a NCAA link on our page. Apparently there was an issue with a guy blogging play-by-play from a baseball game a few years ago. I've never worked directly with the NCAA before, and let me tell you, it's frustrating.


Just under 3 hours from drop of the puck for the Wolverines and Purple Eagles from Times Union Center in Albany. We have arrived safe and sound and will be heading over to the arena soon. Depending on wireless strength from the arena, we should have a continuous blog throughout the game. Check back closer to game time.


Greg said...

Blogging policy? Haha you're kidding right? Unbelievable. Let's not show the game on any TV except some horrific ESPNU which 99% of the state of Michigan does not get. Then let's make up some blogging rule so nobody can catch the game. Is it on WCBN?

Stu said...

great blog kevin, looking forward to the highlights. I think you guys should live blog the car ride home tomorrow night.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints, WCBN is unable to air these games, but (fingers crossed) if Michigan wins tomorrow, we will have the frozen four game(s) for you

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