Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Honey, I Shrunk the Big House

Michigan has finally reached a settlement with the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America yesterday, agreeing to add 96 wheelchair-accessible seats by next season and at least 329 seats by the time renovations are complete in 2010. Previously, Michigan Stadium only had 92 wheelchair-accessible seats out of the 107,501 capacity.

With the addition of the 96 seats for next season, total capacity will drop to 106,201 which means that the only game that Michigan will play in front of the largest crowd in the country will come when the Wolverines travel to Beaver Stadium at Penn State which seats 107,282. It is unclear at this time whether or not total capacity after renovations will top that number, so it is possible that the Big House will no longer be the biggest house in the country.

While it's unfortunate to lose that prestige, it's about time that a university which prides itself on being the "leaders and the best" finally get up to speed making the stadium more wheelchair friendly.

Hopefully Crisler Arena will follow suit (no pun intended) as Crisler's 13,751 total capacity includes just 18 handicap accessible seats! Maybe they're just trying to save handicap people the wasted time and energy that goes into cheering for Michigan Basketball?

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