Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's So Easy, a 12-year old Can Do It!

Some are questioning West Virginia University's decision to hire Bill Stewart as its replacement for Rich Rodriguez after Rodriguez left WVU for Michigan in December. The reason? There may have been a more qualified applicant that WVU turned down.

We've already heard about how current Wolverine Offensive Coordinator, Calvin McGee was turned down due to his race, well apparently WVU also discriminated against another applicant, this one due to his age.

And he showed a knack for public relations: "Consider the publicity your campus would receive," he wrote. "I understand this would be a move more suited for a team like Temple, but I am just asking for your consideration."

A team like Temple? Really? That's a pretty low blow to be taking from a 12-year old kid if you're Temple.

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