Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gotta Love that Michigan Weather

On the way to Rich Rodriguez's press conference, Stu and I walked into the Fish to check out the field conditions... and there's snow. It's on the outfield grass. It's on the parts of the dirt that the tarp missed. It's everywhere. On a baseball field. It hasn't snowed in Michigan since last weekend... they were supposed to play baseball games on that field Monday and Tuesday. Honestly, I'll go out there and shovel, but were they really so sure that it was going to snow today that they had to cancel today's game (it still hasn't rained today) against Bowling Green? Were they so darn confident that it would snow today that they neglected to shovel the field on MONDAY so that they could even have a prayer at playing tomorrow against IPFW? Way to go Michigan baseball -- this is the most hyped season in years (rightfully so, this team has a ton of talent), and they can't get the field together for the first two weeks of home games. I understand Michigan weather makes baseball in March a tough task, but either stop scheduling home games in mid-March or get the field ready. I've had enough of the "inclement weather" excuse when I live in Michigan and I'm able to have a catch outside.

On a brighter note, check out the Daily Sports Report Archives and Extra Points Archives if you missed any of our recent shows. And pray that we'll be able to bring you a game tomorrow (3:05 vs. IPFW) live from Ray Fisher Stadium on MGoBlue.com.

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