Saturday, April 12, 2008


Apparently #8 Missouri and #12 Texas forgot what sport they were playing Friday. Although they were scheduled to play a baseball game the final score looked more like football season, with the Tigers winning 31-12 over the Longhorns. Even more surprising was the performance of Aaron Crow, Missouri's ace and one of the top 10 prospects in the upcoming MLB draft. Crow came into the game having not allowed a run in the last 42 2/3 innings, and was approaching the NCAA Division I record (the unofficial record is 47 2/3 innings, set in 1994 by, guess who, Todd Helton). That didn't last long, as he allowed 9 runs in his first two innings of work, although he still managed to pick up the win (amazing what 31 runs of support will do for a guy).

It should be noted that the primary cause for this monstrous offensive output was a brisk 36 mph wind blowing out to left field.

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