Monday, April 28, 2008

My Personal Quest

For those of you who aren't aware, I am on a personal quest to attend every single Michigan sporting event before I graduate (got one year left). Here's my list:

Completed (in order of completion):
1) Football
2) Men's Basketball
3) Wrestling
4) Baseball
5) Softball
6) Ice Hockey
7) Men's Track and Field
8) Women's Track and Field
9) Women's Basketball
10) Men's Swimming and Diving
11) Men's Tennis
12) Water Polo
13) Women's Tennis
14) Men's Golf

Still to come:
1) Rowing
2) Men's Soccer
3) Women's Soccer
4) Men's Cross Country
5) Women's Cross Country
6) Men's Gymnastics
7) Women's Gymnastics
8) Field Hockey
9) Women's Golf
10) Volleyball
11) Women's Swimming and Diving

Tomorrow i'll give you a little summary of each sport and the pros/cons of going to watch them

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