Friday, April 18, 2008

Mark Mitera Named Captain for 2008-09

Head Coach, Red Berenson announced today that Defensemen, Mark Mitera will serve as the Wolverines captain for next season. Mitera, who will be a senior next season, was the alternate captain along with Chad Kolarick this year. There has been much discussion about whether or not Mitera would stick around for his senior season as he was a first-round draft pick (pick #19) in 2006 for Anaheim. Michigan has only had one other first-rounder stick it out for all four years and that was Eric Nystrom.

Assistants to Mitera will be named in the fall, but that doesn't stop us from speculating...

Top Candidates
1) Tim Miller - was an assistant for the first half of the season this year, will be a senior as well.
2) Travis Turnball - will also be a senior next year.
3) Chris Summers - will be a junior next year, as long as the Coyotes keep their dollars away

Other possibilities:
1) Danny Fardig - not too likely, but he will be a senior next season
2) Max Pacioretty - will step into the role of top scorer, but will be just a sophomore
3) Billy Sauer - keep in mind, we don't play anywhere near Denver next season...

UPDATE: The Michigan Daily is reporting that Mitera will return for his senior season

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