Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL Draft Day 1 and Misc.

The painstaking first day of the NFL Draft has come and gone and only two Wolverines were taking in the first two rounds. Both Jake Long (1st Overall) and Chad Henne (2nd Round) were taking by the Miami Dolphins. Obviously, Bill Parcells and Tony Sporano like the chemistry that these two bring to the field. Henne's drop back style and strong arm could develop into the kind of passing game Parcells had with Drew Bledsoe and Phil Simms in the 90's. It'll be interesting to see the kind of competition he has with Jon Beck for the starting spot come this fall.

On the other hand, four other Wolverines were left waiting till Day 2 to find out their draft fates. Mike Hart, Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, and Shawn Crable are all still undrafted and waiting to hear their names called. For Manningham and Arrington, both players who had off-field troubles during their college careers, the decision to go pro early could prove to be a regretful one if they aren't drafted after Round 3. Stay Tuned.

Finally, congrats to Michigan Softball on another impressive victory over MSU. They take on Northwestern in a DH tomorrow, which can be heard live on the Stream or (Stu Zaas will have the call). After seeing the highlights and having attended a few games myself, this is one of the most entertaining events to attend at Michigan these days and tickets are very easy to get ( Home games end by mid-May, so hurry fast and catch the 6th Ranked team in the land).

Speaking of highlights, who is Robert St. Clair and did he really just ask Jordan Taylor if she likes pitching with a lead in the UM-MSU Video Report?!? Have you seen/played a game of baseball or softball in your life? In the words of Hamilton Porter in The Sandlot: You are killing me, Smalls!!!! Bring your A game, or I move for you to be replaced by crack Softball enthusiast (and WCBN's finest) Stu Zaas.

(In all seriousness, a big thanks goes out to the people at for allowing all of us to broadcast these games, which has been a great experience).

Alright, that's it for now. Time to enjoy some NBA action.

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