Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WCBN Broomball Advances to the Sweet 16

Ann Arbor, MI -- WCBN Broomball (5-0) hopped on the broom of blueshirt senior, Ben Betzler (San Antonio, TX / Ronald Reagan High School) as his hat trick carried WCBN to victory over Smoke on the Water 3-0, advancing to the sweet sixteen of the Co-Rec Novice B Level A playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Betzler put WCBN ahead 1-0, launching an on the glide slap-shot that sizzled past the right shoulder of the Smoke on the Water netminder. Claire Otwell (Traverse City, MI / Traverse City High School) and Rachel Burns picked up assists.

Holding a 1-0 lead at the intermission, WCBN played a conservative second half, only allowing Smoke on the Water one shot on goal. Tony "Don't call me Michael" Bolton (Canton, MI / Salem High School) led the way for WCBN defensively. Jon "Brick Wall" Moore (Searsport, ME / Searsport District High School) continued his career season posting his third shutout of the season.

Betzler gave WCBN an insurance goal early in the second half when he knocked in a centering pass from Chelsea Slater (Cincinnati , OH / Turpin High School). WCBN missed a scoring chance when Kevin "Hulk Hogan" Gregus (Crystal Lake, IL / Prairie Ridge High School) drew a penalty giving WCBN the one-man advantage. Andrew Seid (San Antonio, TX / Ronald Reagan High School) sent a pass through the crease for Stuart Zaas (Solon, OH/ Solon High School) whose one-timer attempt clanged off the left post. Betzler's hat trick came at the 13:11 mark in the second half as he blasted a slap-shot past an out of position goalie from center ice.

WCBN battled through injuries as Otwell toughed out a low-moderate inversional ankle sprain and Slater suffered a knee injury as she wiped out while on a breakaway. Seid and Zaas played well despite extreme sleep deprivation.

Next up for WCBN will be a sweet sixteen matchup versus One (4-1) at 10:40 at Yost Ice Arena. The game had originally been scheduled for 11:20, but ESPN Classic Canadian 8 - Da Eight Eh? decided to move the game into their primetime slot.

Game One Recap
Game Two Recap
Game Three Recap
Game Four Recap

Co-Rec B Novice Level A Playoff Bracket

Betzler 3-0-3
Burns 0-1-1
Otwell 0-1-1
Moore 2 Saves, 100% save percentage

Season Leaders:

1) Slater 14
2) Zaas 10
3) Gregus 6

1) Slater 12
2) Zaas 6
3) Seid 4

1) Gregus 4
1) Zaas 4
3) Slater 2
3) Otwell 2

Jon Moore .880 save percentage; 0.8 Goals Against Per Game

  • With the win, WCBN Sports is on a franchise high five-game winning streak.
  • The line of Seid-Slater-Zaas were held scoreless for the first time all season
  • Zaas and Slater did not score for the first game this year
  • This is the first appearance for WCBN in the sweet sixteen
  • Otwell, Zaas, Seid, and Slater are all listed as probable on the official injury report
  • Player of the game: Ben Betzler - Scored three goals
  • Game Time: 33 minutes
  • Attendance: 3
Media Contact: Stuart Zaas (440-227-5897)


Michael Tobin said...

watch out for 89 unbroken fingers in the finals, they've got a ringer from the women's club hockey team playing for them

Stu said...

they lost tonight, so no need to watch for them anymore

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