Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Unknown for Udoh

Michigan F/C Ekpe Udoh still has not made an announcement on his future at the University of Michigan. Udoh, who has been rumored to be looking at possible alternate schools, was thought to make an announcement by Tuesday but has yet to do so. Questions about Udoh sticking with the Maize and Blue originally surfaced when Coach Beilein was hired, as Udoh did not seem to be a good fit for the new system. A fraying relationship with the University (and head coach) also seems to have played a factor in Udoh's search. He averaged 6 points, 5 boards per game and had 92 total blocks on the year to lead the Big Ten.

I think this is a good move on Udoh's part. I think he has the potential to develop his game but won't do it at Michigan. For as much zone as Beilein likes to play, it will hurt his development as a interior defender. As for his offensive game, in a system that lives and dies by the three, there is no place for Udoh here either. This is not his game. He could be a great low post guy if he hits the weight room and improves his technique...neither of which he can accomplish in Ann Arbor.

And to make matters worse, niether Beilein or Michigan has been able to produce players that can make the jump to the NBA (And NO! Courtney Sims does not count. He is STILL trying to figure out how to pass out of the double team as we speak). The last pros to come from Ann Arbor and play significant minutes were Bernard Robinson Jr. (and if you think he's a bootleg choice, then its Jamal Crawford... and he was only there for a season!). I'll give Beilein credit for recruiting Joe Alexander, a kid who showed potential this past March to be a first round pick of the future... but even he didn't flourish until he was coached by Bob Huggins (a guy known for putting kids into the League).

Udoh has a lot to work on as far as his game is concerned... but he might be better served going elsewhere to do it.

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