Sunday, April 20, 2008

Michigan Baseball

While Michigan baseball continues another dominating weekend (most likely sweeping the Spartans as they are up 21-3 in the 6th in today's game as I type this), I decided to procrastinate from finishing my final essay, which is due tomorrow, to check out how the team is doing. I went to the Big Ten home page to check out the Big Ten standings and saw that the team was 14-1 in conference play going into today's game. I was further interested to see an article on the page titled "Michigan Made to Better Baseball". This of course interested me, so I decided to read it. In it, I found two names that were very familiar to me that I had no idea attended and played/coached for the Michigan Wolverines baseball team. Those names were George Sisler (who had the single season hits record until Ichiro broke it a couple years back) and Branch Rickey (the man who signed Jackie Robinson). Now as a baseball fan, I was drawn into the article, which I now highly recommend be read if you are interested in Michigan baseball or Wolverines athletics in general. It enlightened me on a couple of Wolverines who had a lasting impact on the game of baseball