Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Appeal from Mike Hart, and MZone

Yost at MZone sent me this post about a cause that all Michigan students need to take up arms for. Putting the damn keys away. Yes, y'all tell me that you yell while you are jingling those keys, but clapping or banging the seats or just going nuts is much more effective than any of that. The other team doesn't get the "key play" pun, they aren't going to be distracted by the sheer humor that some frosh thought of 8 years ago. They are more likely to think Santa Claus is coming than get intimidated by jingling.

However, now it is not just Michigan fans and alumni (and opposing fans who just think we are really really stupid in the Big (Quiet) House) who are up in arms about the level of noise in Michigan Stadium. Soft spoken Mike Hart is in the act as well:

The post states:

"In the 2007 Football Preview Issue of THE WOLVERINE, U-M running back Mike Hart says he would like to see things get a little more intimidating for the opposition as well. Quoting from the article titled Hart Wary of Michigan's Schedule, Urges Noise:

Hence the hope that Michigan's fans will make life as tough on the visitors, noise-wise, as the Wolverines find it when they hit the road. Rarely do Michigan coaches or players directly appeal for assistance in such a way, but Hart wasn't shy about it.

"That's when you need the stadium," he said. "That's the one thing we really need to do this year as fans, as everyone - make it extra hard for teams coming in here. Show them it's not the same Big House. It needs to be a lot crazier."

The articles ends by saying:

Hart's appeal appears to follow the general theme directed toward Michigan fans in the coming year. On the Wolverines' schedule cards for football, the message above the listed games urges: BE EARLY - BE LOUD."

I implore you all to check out the full post HERE, it is a great argument from a lifelong Wolverine.

Put down the keys and make some real noise. Please, do it for Mike.

-Weston Bruner, Head Blogger

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