Friday, August 17, 2007

Open for Business

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to be the 1st, wait… the 2nd person to welcome you to the WCBN Sports Radio Blog, Maize & Blog. As we start this glorious experiment to capture the greatness of Michigan athletics (and sports in general), we will have the student angle to make you feel in the middle of the campus.

We are not from the Michigan Daily (something we are very proud of); we are not from WOLV-TV. We are the humble color and play-by-play guys who realized that our sports commentary should reach a greater audience than just within the confines of campus or those who already listen to our online broadcasts.

We invite you to listen in to all the Michigan football, hockey, baseball, and softball and all other games, as well as the Daily Sports Report and other broadcasts that can give you the cutting edge in Michigan sports news from the people experiencing it- and save you from having to buy into the Big Ten Network (yes, we have LIVE radio broadcasts of football games from the Big House this year).

Read, Listen, and Go Blue!

-Weston Bruner, Head Blogger

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Welcome gang, Go Blue,
- G