Thursday, August 30, 2007

Has the U.S. Open Become A Fashion Show?

Do those sneakers have HEELS?

Yes. Definitely.

Now first, I realize that me, being a woman, and writing this article, probably makes me seem like the green-eyed jealousy monster has taken control, but let’s look at the flip side: if a man were writing this, everyone would be saying, “Oh, typical sexist male – looking at what a woman is wearing and not her performance.” Fortunately in this case, none of the women have a performance worth mentioning. Looking at the female world of tennis, nobody stands above the rest – not in accuracy, not is speed, not in precision and judgment. In fact, for the past two or three years, I’ve watched in horrification (yes, that’s a word simply because I say it is) – as the tennis court has been transformed into a place for women to show off their latest clothing line, jewelry collection, or latest push-up-halter-sparkly thingamajig which serves only to distract the audience from recognizing their poor TENNIS performance by allowing them to focus on their, their – well, their YOU KNOWS.

Tennis is a respectable sport and the people who play ought to be treated as serious athletes and not just people who have succumbed to the fast-track world of endorsements. True, Roddick and Federer are also pictured on Nike commercials, but at least they have proven that they are worthy of such an honor – Anna Kournikova, on the other hand, is plastered all over the Nike commercials not because of the way she plays tennis, but because she’s got a hot bod.

I’m not saying women shouldn’t be allowed to wear what they want on the court, but is it really necessary to wear such dangly earrings and super-short miniskirts? Or at least hold off until

you’ve earned the right to.

This must have been early anna – no skin is showing

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