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Welcome to the blog of the sports department of the student radio station here at The University of Michigan.

Who we are

We are the sports department of the student run radio station at The University of Michigan. We are made up entirely of Michigan undergrads; some of us want to make sports broadcasting our career while others will become doctors, lawyers and other important people.

What we do

WCBN is a working radio station that can be heard at 88.3 FM in Ann Arbor or online at We get an unmatched opportunity to cover all Michigan athletics, from the football team to hockey, to softball, we cover it all. During every game we have at least two members who will call the game from the press box. We attend press conferences, cover road games, and act as members of the media profession.

During the week we have three main shows. Mondays: Extra Points. This round table show covers all the weekend’s sports action. It airs for 30 minutes from 6:00-6:30 PM. During the fall this show is almost entirely dedicated to recapping Saturday’s football game while during the winter semester hockey and basketball take center stage.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays we have a 15-minute sports update called The Daily Sports Report. This show will get you caught up on the pervious day’s sports action including Michigan and national sports. Think Sports-Center on fast-forward.

Our cornerstone show occurs on Friday nights, Game of the Week airs from 7-10 PM. We usually broadcast the Michigan hockey game, if there is no game at Yost then we turn it into a three-hour sports talk show. We discuss Detroit Sports, Michigan Sports and National sports. This is the perfect time for listeners to call in and voice their opinions at (734) 763-3500.

Purpose of this Blog

While we are given an unmatched opportunity to cover Michigan sports on campus we are not as well known as some of our other media groups such as The Michigan Daily or WOLV-TV. With this blog we hope to get the word out on our station, to increase our listening base, and to let people know there is an option out there for listening to your favorite university’s sports teams.

We will be updating this site frequently as soon as school starts up again on September 4th. Right now we have three articles that will be posted regularly. The first will preview Michigan’s opponent in football for the upcoming week. The second will be a recap of Saturday’s game. These two articles will be written by a different WCBN member as to give a different viewpoint on the team each week.

The third article will be written by myself entitled “Scarlet and Grey Days.” Back in the days of Woody and Bo each coach would prepare for the other throughout the entire season. Woody had “Michigan Mondays” where the Buckeyes prepared for the game against the Wolverines, or “That School Up North.” During the press conference the Monday before the Michigan-Ohio State game in 2006 when the teams were ranked #1 and #2 in the country Bo was asked how often he prepared for Ohio State during the year. The coach responded in the only way Bo could in that old raspy voice of his, he leaned over the podium toward the report and said empathetically, “Everyday! Everyday we prepared for Ohio State!” I attended this press conference and in a day full of cliché answers and vague responses Bo stole the show. With Bo still fresh in all our minds I hope this article would make Bo proud. Every Monday I will post “Scarlet and Grey Days” which will recap the Buckeye’s game from that Saturday. In an unbiased article I will tell what the Buckeyes did well and what they didn’t do so well. I will also tell what the opponent did against the Buckeyes that worked and didn’t work. With our recent struggles against Ohio State we hope to buck the trend by breaking down the Buckeyes leading up to The Game on November 17th. Which will be the one-year anniversary of us losing Bo.

There will be other articles that come and go as we discuss how to make this blog the very best it can to represent the Sports Department. As Sports Director I want to welcome you and thank you for reading and hope that our blog becomes one of the sites you frequent.

Also, one last bit of exciting news, for the first time ever WCBN Sports is being allowed to broadcast Michigan football games LIVE this year on the Sports Stream. This will come in handy for those games on the Ben Ten Network as you can log on and listen to us, also for our alumni and friends who are currently living outside the great state of Michigan and are not able to find the game on TV or Radio WCBN might be your only option to get your Wolverine fix. All you have to do is click ont he link to our home page at and click on "Sports Stream"

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When does Michigan prepare for Appalachian State? Oregon?