Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 2009 All-Broadcast Team for B10 Tournament

A lot of media people here are former players and athletes. I wrote this during a timeout during the WISC/OSU game. I was going to use it in the live blog, but I thought it deserved its own post.

That said, I give you “The All-Broadcast Team” in attendance this weekend at the B10 Tournament this weekend. These are all media personalities in attendance. If I were going to start a team today, here are the media people I would use. Again, to be eligible for this select cast, you must have been in “media row” this weekend.

Without further delay, your 2009 Big Ten All-Broadcast Team!

Shon Morris, C; Big Ten Network. The former Northwestern Forward still looks like he could still suit up and play the post. His jump hook would be a nice weapon to have. Put a jersey on!

Jim Jackson, G; Big Ten Network. One of OSU’s top career scorers. I don’t know about mobility, but he can probably still hit a jump shot or two. However, Jim and Eddie George both drink wine…Not that there is anything wrong with that. We saw this at the BTN party Friday. This doesn’t have anything to do with him playing on this team. I just thought I would point that out.

Mark Titus, G; Club Trillion. Titus is still on the OSU Basketball team, but doesn’t play. Ever. He has two total minutes this season…But, the kid has a blog currently being plugged by Bill Simmons on I’m not crazy about the blog myself, but I’ll qualify him as “media.” Based on the average age of this team (35 years old), and Thad Matta’s high praise of his shooting abilities, he’ll be taking a Kobe-like amount of shots for this team.

Steve Lavin, F; ESPN. I’m running low on able-bodied reporters, so I’m throwing the former Bruin coach into the mix. Lavin has a stocky build, but looks like he is tall enough to play the 3-spot. This team needs a floor captain and a leader setting things up. Also, the gelled hair makes him more aerodynamic and sneaky fast.

Jim Nantz, F/G; CBS. I would rather have Nantz in my foursome for a golf scramble, but his long arms should translate nicely to the hardwood. It’s a toss up between him and Gus Johnson for this spot. Johnson stands at about 5’9, so I don’t see him being a two-position player. Nevertheless, I need Johnson to be the one calling the game.

Johnson: Nantz… To Titus… FOR THE WIN…..OHHHHHH MY GODNESS!!!

No offense to Gus. He’s just too good to not be calling a March game.


Alex P, G; Michigan Daily. This kid has got game. Real nice jump shot. His team played against mine in the IM Finals at UM for Basketball. He must have had 20 of his team's 55 points. I’ll vouch for his skills.

Dave Revsine, G; BTN. Every team needs the small white guy on the end of the bench waving a towel. We have our man!

Pat Forde, F; ESPN. A football guy, but I like his upside with regard to his size and potential rebounding ability (He’s about 6’2 and around 200). I’d use him like Izzo uses the MSU football team for his bench.

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