Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live Blog: Michigan Women's Lacrosse @ Oakland University

0:00: Michigan picks up the 13-5 victory, improving to 9-2 on the season. The game story will be posted on the Michigan Women's Lacrosse Web Site.

One-timer from Kempner to Shekerjian! 13-5 Michigan.

Oakland is playing hard to the final buzzer as they add another goal to cut the Michigan lead to 7. 12-5 Michigan.

Kempner picked up a ground ball and turned it into a goal despite being tackled by the OU defender who picked up a yellow card. 12-4 Michigan.

Oakland finally gets one past Krato. 11-4 Michigan.

Krato comes up with yet another save off an 8-meter shot.

Becca Miller gets in on the action, scoring her second goal of the game. 11-3 Michigan.

Goal Oakland. 10-3 Michigan.

Both teams yelled "intensity!" coming out of the timeout. In my slightly-biased opinion, Michigan's "intensity!" cheer was more intense.

The motivational post worked as Jess Stanley adds a goal to Michigan's lead, resulting in an OU timeout. 10-2 Michigan.

Another save for Krato as she plucked the shot out of midair. Still 9-2 Michigan, no goals either way in the second half.

Michigan's taking its time setting up an offense and moving the ball around. So far the Wolverines haven't taken a shot here in the second half, very similar to the Northwestern game on Sunday...

The many different colored lines on the field have been giving both teams problems all game long resulting in a myriad of penalties. This time Golinske was called, giving OU an 8-meter. Great job by Krato to knock the shot aside, ball back to Michigan.

Second half underway. On the field for Michigan: Boehm, Lary, Pavle, Killian, Johnson, Relich, Baskind, Golinske, Miller, Dyner, and Krato in goal.

0:00: Halftime from Pontiac, Michigan in control 9-2. Goals from:

Lary (2)
Baskind (2)
Conroy (2)


Michigan with one last opportunity as Oakland threw it out of bounds...Goal! Rachel Killian scores with :05 left in the half. 9-2 Michigan.

Foul on OU gives the ball back to Michigan. Stanley bringing the ball down the field for the Wolverines...

Michigan turns it over so one last push for Oakland here before the half.

The crowd has started to gather in the "upper deck" here at Ultimate Soccer/All-American Lacrosse. There are probably about 40-50 fans taking in this game from the bleachers.

Goal for Oakland off an 8-meter. 8-2 Michigan.

Michigan ends their five and a half minute dry spell as Delaney Kempner scored giving Michigan an 8-1 lead. 8-1 Michigan.

Those last few entries had a ton of typos in it. Sorry, I fixed them. I now appreciate how difficult it is to keep a live blog timely.

Rachel Lary is out indefinitely as she cracked her toenail in half. She is currently recieving medical attention from Alexis Pavle. The injury does not appear to be season-ending

Some controversy at the scorer's table over the pronunciation of Amanda Schutte's last name. Despite Debbe Pavle's help, the Oakland University student doing the PA announcing doesn't believe that her name is pronounced "Shoot-ah." His response? "That's awesome!"

Good ball movement from Michigan as Amanda Schutte set up Conroy beautifuly for her second goal of the game. 7-1 Michigan.

Two in a row for Baskind as Michigan's lead is up to 6-1.

Shot missed but Michigan kept control. Pavle got an 8-meter but her shot was turned away by the goalie. Julie Baskind turned the rebound into a goal, her eighth on the year. 5-1 Michigan.

8-meter coming coming up for Britt Boehm from the left hash

Make that 4-1.

Oakland's head coach can't keep up either. He just asked the scorers table what the score was, 6-0? Nope, only 4-0 for now.

I can't type fast enough to keep up with the goals. Michigan won the draw off the Lary goal and proceeded to score again, this time from the stick of Erin Conroy. Timeout, Oakland. 4-0 Michigan.

Oakland's defense fell asleep, forgetting about Rachel Lary. By the time she got the ball it was too late for the defense to recover as Lary shot high, scoring her second goal of the game and 16th of the season. 3-0 Michigan.

Two trips into the offensive zone = two Michigan goals. This one came from Rachel Lary off an Amy Johnson pass. Oakland is trying to hold the ball on offense and limit Michigan's posessions. Probably a good idea given that Michigan has held the ball for about 30 seconds and already has two goals.
2-0 Michigan.

Michigan didn't waste any time as Alexis Pavle scored on the Wolverine's first offensive posession. 1-0 Michigan.

First shot of the game is turned away by Scheidt. Oakland controlled the rebound and attempted another shot which Scheidt blocked as well. Michigan going the other way...

Starting Lineups are being announced. So far Oakland is off to a rough start with about 3 of the 11 Michigan starters' names being pronounced correctly. Michigan comes in with an 8-2 record while this is OU's first game of the season.

I wasn't expecting there to be internet so we won't have a radio broadcast tonight. Instead I'll give a live-blog for those who were unable to make the scenic drive to Pontiac, Michigan. Amy Santoriello will not play as she is still out with an injury. Fortunately her concussion did not effect her ability to navigate as we made it here more-or-less on time. This live blog will last throughout the game (or until my laptop battery dies). The newest updates will be at the top of the page.


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