Friday, March 6, 2009

UM LaX Makes Radio Debut

That's right! Tonight, during GOTW, we will be broadcasting an hour of UM Lacrosse from Oosterbaan at 8pm. I'll have the call as Michigan takes on Big Ten rivals OSU and PSU at 8pm and 10pm respectively. The weather is terrific outside, so walk over to Oosterbaan and come say "hello" to myself or Stu. Admission is free to Students and $5 for general admission.

You might be asking yourself, "Why broadcast Lacrosse?" Well, for one thing, Michigan is hosting the Big Ten Tournament so this is a pretty big event. Stu is giving us unprecedented access to the team, so the insight and commentary should be great.

...And for selfish reasons, I'm trying to keep up with Gus Johnson for the record of "Most obscure sporting events ever called by a single person." He's still got a pretty big lead on me with "Lions Pre-Season Football" and "UFC on CBS" all within the same month.

We'll have player and coach interviews throughout the night, as well as our usual GOTW coverage before and after the 8pm hour. Hope you tune in.

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