Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mixer: March Edition

A night before an interview important enough where I can't go out with friends to GTC or The Peak? Sounds like the perfect time to grind out an overdue edition of The Mixer. It's been a while, but like Andy and Red at the end of Shawshank, you just wanna embrace it and pick up where you left off.

(Sidenote: Every time I quote Shawshank, or relate something back to the movie, I feel I should be paying Bill Simmons a right's fee. It's sad because this really was one of my favorite movies and now Simmons has conered the market with this movie and all its analogies. Dammit!)

Anyways, let's get to it!

What to do with the eight dollars you earned this week: Go see Adventureland. I just got back from the advanced screening here on campus and it exceeded my expectations. It's a little bit like Superbad (same director and Bill Hader has a small role), but with pieces of Good Will Hunting and Animal House mixed into the story. I also saw the new Fast & Furious this week, and Adventureland was more enjoyable by far. Seeing it on the big screen in a cramped auditorium with half the audience totally blazed was priceless...even if I saw it for free. Definitely worth the money for a second time, though. Here is the trailer:

NBA's MVP: If you haven't seen this yet, you will definitely hear about it on Monday morning. LeBron James does 60 Minutes and hits a ridiculous shot while filming his interview. This is a shot Jordan could only hit in McDonald's commercials:

More Mascot Fun: I got this video from the Club Trillion blog done by OSU backup Mark Titus. This is how I always explain Titus' position to Michigan Bball fans:

Michigan Fan: Who is Mark Titus?

Me: Bench-warmer for OSU with his own blog

Michigan Fan: Wait, who?

Me: The OSU eqivalent to Eric Puls

Michigan Fan: Ooooooooh! Totally got it now.


Michigan Fan: Dude, Puls should have his own blog!!!

Me: I couldn't agree more.

Anyways, I highly recommend the Club Trillion Blog (give it time; it grows on you) and here is the video:

Take your Medicine, Maize Ragers: I loved this 2009 Basketball season. It gave me everything I wanted and more for my last year in Ann Arbor as a student. But I'm not close to being satisfied, and neither should you. So, as bulletin board material for next year, I give you the video that the 2010 squad should be watching from now till opening tip in November:

Michigan Baseball...kinda: Throughout our broadcasts, I've noticed that fans and students have been calling super-sophomore Ryan LaMarre "Heddley." Now, most guys my age probably have no idea where this nickname came from. I'm guessing "Blazing Saddles," but I could be wrong. Anyways, in honor of Ryan's inspired play of late, I give you the "Pledge to Hedley Lemarr."

The first line of the pledge could easily be edited to be used following a LaMarre highlight catch. I'm talking to you, Michigan Media Relations Department.

Hope the Mixer was as good for you as it was for me. Look for baseball posts and a Lacrosse story later in the week.


Anonymous said...

I challenge you to work as many Heddley Lamarr jokes as you can around Ryan LaMarre in the next radio broadcast. Kind of like the "meow" game in super troopers, but more creative.

Are you on the roadtrip? Good luck with the interview.

Matt Boyer said...

Not on the roadtrip. I'm in Cleveland for the interview and will miss this weekend's series. MGoBlue should have highlights of the Iowa series up early next week.

My next games are Bowling Green and Oakland. I'll try and make mention of the nickname, but only if LeMarre is playing well. I feel like "The Pledge" should only be used for great plays. Thanks for the post and we really appreciate the listener support.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, agreed on the playing well. He's kind of cooled off this last week. Appreciate you're work. No better way to get info than the radio broadcasts.

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